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StalkerVirys 24.07.20 12:25 am

regret buying?

I bought the Curling iron is the fourth year and a half ago. played in 6 games during this time. SIX. nothing can buy it? I wonder often if there are questions consolers?
prior to that, was a native of Baker and in addition tetrica other consoles had
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For this, I don't take the console, all that was interesting there, was released on the PC, the rest is not my style.

en3rgizer 24.07.20

but on PC you play ?
then you need to ask yourself why you bought it, if you play all on PC, the console is useful only for exclusives, of which there will be little, but it was possible to understand before buying (but in the case of PS4 you can evaluate ekzy with the PS3, if you had not played enough of them and they are good). If you're on PC don't play what you played in only 6 games, that's your choice for several reasons: 1) all the top games with PC and consoles plus there are exclusives, so the games absent about enough 2) if you scare them, the price is again your choice, so before buying a console you understand what they will cost so much, 3) if you are a fan of MMOs and strategies, all surviv or any other specific genres., them on consoles too virtually no, and that is also before buying was clear. When you purchase a console, no pitfalls there, if just a bit to predict what will happen

RikoChiko 24.07.20

Not particularly regret. Of course I play mostly on PC. But on the console somehow pleasant achievements to get, and in all sorts of assassins to play.

renbu 24.07.20

Curling with a PC can not be compared, but in Ps move games quite funny sometimes to play)

sashok988 24.07.20

I also have a PS3 collecting dust,bought for Gran Turismo,well, sorry not really sorry.Bought well.

Dwisler 24.07.20

I bought at the end of 2014, and only for the exclusives, because everything else can be played on PC by purchasing much cheaper on steam. Played in 6 games Last of Us, Infamous, Order 1886, Until Dawn, Destiny, Uncharted. In the queue Bloodborne and Heavy Rain, and then the limit ekzov will be exhausted at some time =) Very not regret the purchase, but sometimes doubt creeps in.

Metallov3r 24.07.20

Just before the game on PC and consoles were very different, the incentive was. Now released are all part of Final Fantasy, MK and a bunch of other games I wanted to play. If the promised release of Tekken 7, then I'll sell my console because all the games that I need to be on PC.

pochtipushkin 24.07.20

At least for Bloodborne not be spared. . .

StalkerVirys 24.07.20

he passed three and a half times. tired already

potach 24.07.20

I personally do not regret, very good thing, was already in enough games

rusery 24.07.20

and where did you order your Curling 4yu?

potach 24.07.20

well, I turned in the official store store.sony.ru wanted to guarantee

RikoChiko 24.07.20

Any popular electronics store. The main thing that on the box and Curling it was written RST. Without it our those centers for warranty service.

7login7 24.07.20

Yes, already in game is not worth buying console, and buy for 5-10 ekzov as it is not ice, I would say good to play asasina on the console with a gamepad, but a gamepad is possible on the PC and fasten so don't see the point of consoles

Razox 24.07.20

but you can gamepad on the PC to wear moreover it is possible to take the dual shock 4 and play with the TV/projector. If there are rules of the computer is the sense in PS no, for 5-6 ekzov odd as it is too much to take. After the appearance of theirs more available Torque, you can still take, if of course it will not kinekt 2.0)

MunchkiN 616 24.07.20

not buy and do not grieve
all covered on YouTube

Frost07032 24.07.20

I did only for exclusives. Of course prices bite what to do(

Gauguin 24.07.20

The purchase was justified some Uncharted and Bladebone, and after E3 now sadly look at my 970.

Maxell23 24.07.20

well, sell the 970, kupish more games on the PS4.

Gauguin 24.07.20

Sec wrote:
well, sell the 970, kupish more games on the PS4.
Why? I'm not so poor, to choose one or the other.