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Garry_Frost 24.07.20 12:45 am

Until Down or Bloodborne GOTY?

The essence of the question in the title)
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RikoChiko 24.07.20


T.T.G 24.07.20

To change Until Down the fourth Ancharted and be normal candidates, given the current year.

Mortaliss 24.07.20

A movie or a game?

RussPAIr 24.07.20

Bread or butter?
Two completely different games?
What is the issue?
Want to buy something from this?
Then bloodborne ( this is also the dark souls, only gloomier), view related if you are not familiar with the series of games will want to buy - buy a second joystick and a bag of nerves.
Until dawn, movie. Like games where the gameplay is similar to heavy rain or beyond, then this is for you, the game is of course another genre aimed in the direction of horror, but from the style from the above far gone, plus there is much time to pass, the outcome will be different.
Both games are exclusive. And both are totally different. Bread or butter? As an option - both games.