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Venedikt Mitishov 22.10.19 11:09 am

Bug GORGOROTH (Middle-earth: Shadow of War)

In short, when you move in GORGOROTH, the game crashes. In the original game, in addition about Swords, and when you load saves that they krasot the game, because in the time you save in the transition the game crashes. This stupid round guys, saves no tail or mane. If someone is faced with this problem, knows the solution, etc., to accomplish your goal.
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saa0891 22.10.19

The cache check.

Skygrinder 22.10.19

Faced with a game crash when save game, it doesn't matter which location, just the game crashes literally 2 seconds after the start of loading a save in the main campaign.

Helped start another campaign, and quick save it. Shorter launch campaign of the Wastelands of Mordor, there to run some of the check points, or move a quick move to the other end of the map. The game will be saved(it saves all the campaigns in one save game), then go back to menu and start the main campaign, Talion, it should work.

p_kolomiec 22.10.19

Benedict Matishov
The same thing, and taking off when you switch to GORGOROTH, start another campaign did not help

alexanderfox 22.10.19

Benedict Matishov
I have crash was in the Blade of Galadriel in the same location,all three locations is fine and as it has since the crash and more impossible to do anything. There is one on the rutor also described this problem: there Are crashes during downloads, only that I have ruined the campaign of Blade of Galadriel, the game crashed while loading saving a flight is repeated. Faced also with cover with save teleporting to another area, the game closed without error and when you try to load a save game immediately crashes.This is probably a bug with the version 1.20 and 1.21 version where everything is fixed but when it lomanut unknown.
Found a way to correct:
the game takes the save game folder Userspace ?????????_????_??????_356190_??????, there he is alone.
In the folder Appdatalocal gameco of war are a few saves that are cyclically overwritten.
Copy from the second folder to the first earlier file, replace and play. While the game no longer crashes)
But again, I just twisted on its lowest setting and once it loaded,I was on the normal graphics settings and 1 time passed this location,so it is not saved and not to stay.

Dens_Play 22.10.19

Gratka 22.10.19

I have not enough time ,I will explore. tried everything nothing helped,I read steam there, too, the departure,waiting for 1.21

alexanderfox 22.10.19

The incentive 1.21 and 1.20 pirates

knessenk 22.10.19

helped, thank you

Guest 03.05.21

Knessenk and alexanderfox could you explain in detail