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Greencore 25.07.20 08:37 pm

Optimization in the re-release (The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim)

How are things with optimization?
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Emris_ua 25.07.20


Stalin5014 25.07.20

Bad things. Here's how. The original ultra+200+ mods with 60 fps. Special edition low settings 25 fps,lag,lag,lag... Well then, okay. My original suit everyone.

djon2486 25.07.20

hmm, the feeling when got the remaster and it on minimum....

VOVAN WOLFovich 25.07.20

Tested Helgen, it's certainly not a lot, but still. On the gtx 1080, i7-4790k, got 205 fps maximum, minimum, 176, and 189, the average well. Indoors the fps was under 300. It turns out in the open world on this system you can expect 200 fps, in caves, buildings for 300+.
The graphics are not much better, again drawing fashion will be to convert this game.

Givemethedust 25.07.20

And in the original how many frames?

VOVAN WOLFovich 25.07.20

Yes, while restoring the original, a little late, he wanted to know, and I got this:
The same plot in helgene - original: min 98, max 900, average 148. In the fortress a short sprint for a couple of minutes: at least 225, 690 maximum, average 423.
I decided again to check, something is wrong:
Alduin: minimum 132, maximum of 224, the average 175.
The fortress (a few minutes): minimum 260 and maximum 418 average 319.
Alduin: minimum 81 and maximum 267, average 159.
The fortress (a few minutes): min 243, max 698, secondary 448.
I have a feeling that the re-release operates with the resources of the graphics card better.
Want a more precise (at least more or less), so the fortress of helgen+cave:
Original: at least 213, with a maximum of 727, 352 secondary
The same repetition: a minimum of 209, the max 712, 362 secondary
Reissue: minimum 200, maximum 423, 295 secondary
The same repetition: minimum 170 and maximum 426, 275 secondary
Now the hike to Riverwood from the cave:
Original: min 81, max 247, the average 139
Reissue: a minimum of 108, a maximum of 202, the average 147.7
The conclusion is that the figures with the accuracy or inaccuracy of the action (not 1 to 1), more or less the same, the big difference I see, well, except that in areas the numbers are much more.
Write, offer guys, if you need more figures, although I duck, I with the 1080, not a very good example of quality measurements.
P. S. If you disabled vertical sync, and maybe because of the drivers, when driving in an open world in both games was observed friezes: flicker, interruption of sound.

Soapp 25.07.20

Of course your PC will fart,because the remaster requirements not sickly I tell you

Ryazancev 25.07.20

Tell me how to remove the LOCK 60 fps?
In the panel of invidia removed vertical sync, did not help.

VOVAN WOLFovich 25.07.20

In the original: go to folder My documents, where My Games, then Skyrim, then open the text document in the folder of Skyrim called Skyrim.ini there's a section [Display] add the line iPresentInterval=0 , where 0 is off and 1 is on.
In the reissue: by analogy, My documents, My Games, then Skyrim Special Edition, they open SkyrimPrefs.ini, in the [Display] section, find the line (possible using the search engine Ctrl + F) iVSyncPresentInterval=1 , where 1 is vertical sync enabled and 0 is disabled.
You're welcome.

Ryazancev 25.07.20

Thank you!

nestrbob 25.07.20

FPS is about the same as in Fallout 4, in the caves of 150-170, but on the will of 70-80. Differences from the original almost no - added fog and changed the lighting. Play Repack.

Ryazancev 25.07.20

Wanted to remove vertical sync and put the fps lock via the edit driver in NVIDIA the inspector that the locks normally to hack. Nifiga did not work :(
I had vertical sync enabled and put up with the brakes of the cursor.

nestrbob 25.07.20

I removed the plane, the locks are not affected - barely rolling like boiled.

KiryshKa 25.07.20

In bandicam to put the lock 60 when off the rifle.

kva85 25.07.20