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MRKING 25.07.20 11:37 pm

People, I urge you! (Corsairs: City of Lost Ships)

Who else is playing this good old game?
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schta 25.07.20

I played the first game about pirates. Very atmospheric toy was. nice vospominaniya))) the Captain called Sharpe - I had a tape recorder so-called)))

my God ... that was 15 years ago....

Dzhared Stark 25.07.20

I came to Your call!=)
I play in a GIC. 3 months ago I started. When in release (1.2) when the mod pack 1.3.2. AT (by the way, I'm on this site threw a link to a cheat menu to the anti-cheating (hehe) 1.3.2 if necessary - take), when in Cursed Fate. But I play often - 4 times a week.

MRKING 25.07.20

As well, there are still people, I'm happy for you! Godspeed and smooth sailing! Such nostalgia...

Maklline66 25.07.20

Angels: to Each His own play

RikoChiko 25.07.20

Abandoned at the time, she disappointed me. Too little changes compared to OTL, with the price of a full game.

To each his own also abandoned. Was not stable. And there was already a fourth time on the same ceskobrodska jungle walk.

Maverick_1994 25.07.20

My favorite toy. At least once a year replay as KKS.

Dzhared Stark 25.07.20

By the way, Yes, it is the same jungle all the parts really annoying.

Grabitel 25.07.20

Greetings, Recently uploaded a Old gamer passed all the series of pirates with the first, over 18 years for PC. The CCP is not played (because of the small differences) passed the waterline, Was a large part of the COP - the COP stuff (done better of course) but too limited - a linear plot with a girl that's decided to remember those times to put the code of civil procedure. There is also some cons intelligence of burdenkov full kill.. fuck.. the tactics of the battle to 0, or stand still ignore all either run where it is not necessary - you do not expect, the back block to move not to recede((( - but bugs and lags a lot less than KVL - 3x nepomnyu felts felts KVL - carpenter sometimes buggy sail and Board it collects on the sea)) come hold planks a lot if you sell it the hold - minus says the capacity is unreal increases the speed of the ship))) remember the joke -4000 weighing the hold was ))), any vehicle in this weight flies..))
The people that got me waiting when Jeremy navigation lift - it kills me how much play I can't 4th grade 3 and I would like even 2roy to change (without penalty of course), even if the art which gave chtoli..((( Blue skull in 1ху not working(( - hard to me on the brig with heavy Galleons, military or merchant ships, and sometimes even to 1m level, which I usually reboot and do not climb at all to compete on the Galleon as it is a heavy beat but it's too slow in a serious battle will go faster..

Grabitel 25.07.20

Yes, it seems in addition to the mods on this site did not find it.. Before it was not so. Probably too old a game.

Aleks Marchelo 25.07.20

Still playing))

marvin7 25.07.20

Each year, I pass by several times. + All fashion type to Each his own, Wind of change etc.