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MelShlemming 27.09.20 08:44 pm

What is your last passed game? v. 8

Spellbound! Genre - Schmap (Shoot'em up)
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yariko.v 27.09.20

TES3 Morouind. Also passed all his story additions. Very interesting and exciting game! better than TEN5 in many ways. The truth will require some exposure, if you play it immediately after the casual-rpg Skurima will be difficult to understand, but it is definitely worth it.

Talvar 27.09.20

Mafia 2.

VETER15 27.09.20

Total Var: The Saga of Troy
What's going on?

Anderby 27.09.20

Blood and Truth on PS4 with PS VR, PS Move and PS VR Aim Controller. The plot has passed and all the chelengi.

The game is from the developers of Playstation VR Worlds, the ideological successor of the "mini"-game London Heist from there. I was just waiting for a VR attraction, and got a masterpiece level Uncharted. Gameplay at altitude, adventure elements, stealth, shooting is very organic (recalled Mirror's Edge, but life-long, of course). Mini-games are like themselves. The plot at the beginning is simple so that it is disgusting, then begin James-Bond turns and every thrash (in a good way). There's too much chatter. The ending ends, but the end of the sequel is good. In The Challenge you can use PS VR Aim Controller and with it the game feels like a natural paintball, i.e. very close to real life. The game looks like an average project for the PS3, but in PS VR it's an unattainable height.

One of the best games for PS VR.

Anderby 29.09.20

Super Mario Bros. 3 from the Super Mario All-Stars compilation. SNES on SNES Mini.

Same SMB3, but with updated graphics. They didn't change anything in the gameplay.

With Super Mario All-Stars over, it's time for Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Gentelman 29.09.20

At least you'd write like it.

VETER15 29.09.20

There are a lot of opinions on the forum of the game, I will say that you can play.

Anderby 04.10.20

Farpoint on PS4 with PS VR and PS VR Aim Controller. There was a plot and one challenge.

Lainch-tight Aim Controller. Not just an attraction, but a full-fledged shooter with walking, review and plot for five hours. The weapon feels great, everything else has faded -- there are few enemies, only five guns, no variety. With the plot in general trouble, it is disgusting. The characters are disgusting, the story is disgusting. Scientists act like idiots. Idiot scenes for five minutes where the characters just talk (it's in the usual games boring, and then you stand like a fool, you watch a full recording). Technically, there is one caveat - if the camera is too close to the helmet then around appears a mesh box, but the game does not consider it necessary to warn that it is abnormal. I ran half the game with this box on top of the screen, thought so and it is necessary, like for entourage. Challengers just arcade shooting in the same story gut with glasses and bonuses, more than fifteen minutes I was not enough.

Pass-through, but for Aim Controller-oriented fat plus.

barbarian 04.10.20

Fable Anniversary

FallenGhost 04.10.20


Anderby 04.10.20

Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars on NS.


FallenGhost 07.10.20

Anderby 07.10.20

Bravo Team on PS4 with PS VR and PS VR Aim Controller. There was a story and one chapter in Score Attack.

For some reason I thought Bravo Team was a tidbit of PS VR. How cruelly I was wrong. The game is terrible in almost everything. It is played and looks like some forgotten thrashak with PSP (briefly, the release date of Bravo Team - 06.03.18, and in the PS Store for it require 2150 rubles). Turns out it's not exactly a VR shooter. It's a cooperative tactic with VR shootouts. You can't run freely here, only move from shelter to shelter. The camera is not tied to the eyes of the character, it stays in place when the character moves and it terribly knocks down. Animations and gameplay seem not to have been tested. The two main characters can safely move through each other and soar ten centimeters above the ground. The weapon feels uncomfortable and not quite synchronized with the position of the controller. There are only four guns -- an assault rifle, a pistol, a shotgun and a sniper. The machine is a standard all-round weapon, a pistol is a "last hope" fart, a shotgun is an imba, but only at short range, the sniper is almost un suzanning (due to a very uncomfortable sighting). There is even stealth (from afar resembles such from Beyond: Two Souls), but it is also as if unfinished - a gun with a silencer is still alarming, and to pass the level cleanly can not, sooner or later there will be an enemy which can not be killed secretly. Despite some tactical emphasis the most effective tactic - quickly break to the end of the level, opponents will not interfere much. The plot is generally there, but nothing more. The game is mercifully short, seven levels of minutes to 15, but it gets bored by the end of the first.

This is a Sony exclusive, PS VR Aim Controller has a bandel with Bravo Team. It's a total failure.

FallenGhost 09.10.20


MelShlemming 10.10.20

For King and Country: Operation Victory. I dug out such an exhibit from the depths of the Internet. A shit, quite deservedly forgotten game.

Anderby 10.10.20

The Playroom on PS4. Played each mini-game once.

Only this year I learned that it is not a video editor or a camera tester, but as if a game. Three simple AR mini-games. Funny.

The Playroom VR on PS4 with PS VR. He played Toy Wars and passed Robots Rescue.

Another free collection for PS VR owners. It's more interesting. Five mini-games, but only two per player. Toy Wars banal shooting behind the turret, but Robots Rescue full platformer (two years later it was reborn as Astro Bot Rescue Mission), though very short, recalled Moss. The rest of the mini-games are designed from 2 to 5 people. One of the few two-screen titles on PS4, and even what - the TV screen shows not just a helmet take, but another picture, depending on the mini-game. Players take part in the game from a different perspective. Interesting.

DemonXL1080 13.10.20

Mafia: Definitive Edition...

FallenGhost 13.10.20

Reverrius 14.10.20

The Third Part of Wasteland was one of the games I expected to play in 2020. Despite the rather mixed impressions of the second part (primarily due to the general "rawness" of the performance and places of poor design), I still decided to wish good luck to the developers from inXile Entertainment, especially since their other project, Torment: Tides of Numenera - came to my liking! And as it turned out, not in vain.

The plot of the third part starts five years after the Rangers' victory over Kochis and his army of synths. Victory was given to the heroes too big a price: the citadel of rangers was destroyed, General Vargas died and desert rangers were on the verge of survival. Fortunately, the organization was able to contact the state of Colorado and the local leader, who is a patriarch. He offered help and resources in exchange for a favor - the search and forced return of his rebellious offspring, who intended to overthrow his father from the throne. Group of Rangers "November" goes to Colorado to make an alliance with the Patriarch ...

Speaking of Wasteland 3, first of all I would like to note the increased quality of the project, both technical and meaningful. The picture became prettier, tactical battles are more visually effective, and dialogues with NPC - got a full voiceover. As for the plot, in my opinion, it turned out to be moderately fascinating (definitely better than the last part) and variable. Yes, Wasteland 3 has a pretty good freedom of action! By the way, during the entire passage of the game - I did not encounter any critical bug, the game worked steadily, from the disadvantages I can highlight only that too long loading locations.

The setting also came out as suitable - "winter" post-apocalyptic ocalipsis, filled with frozen gangs and motley fanatics (which is only worth gippers, worshipping the "living" statue of Reagan!), corrupt sheriffs and fans of old-school horror films (led by Drab Juraku), etc.

The role-playing system in Wasteland 3 has been optimized. The number of skills reduced, but in this case it rather benefited the game. For example, the "small arms" skill is now responsible for firing shotguns and pistols, and the "automatic weapon" skill is responsible for the possession of assault rifles and submachine guns. However, with "guns" there is a certain imbalance: for example, assault rifles are too weak, and submachine guns - too imb. The same with shotguns - low efficiency compared to pistols. In skirmishes with enemies, too, there is a "simplifying" passage joint: a character with the skill of "working with mechanics" can safely "throw" the battlefield portable turrets, distracting the attention of already not too clever enemies on themselves. Therefore, if someone expected a "smart" tactical challenge from Wasteland 3, it did not come quite to the right address.

But if you are connoisseurs of cool soundtracks, Then Wastela nd 3 - this is exactly what you need! Unambiguous contender for "best soundtrack of the year"!

And in general, we have a suitable CRPG, able to captivate all those who missed the good old "post-apocalypse".


Ihsan Kinan 17.10.20

Resident Evil 3