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_Lemon_ 15.10.20 08:50 pm

Performance (Total War Saga: Troy)

Discuss game performance on different PC or laptop configurations. Here you can share your configuration and the game's performance on it.
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jax baron 15.10.20

Much better goes on the new bucket than Warhammer 2 and with the Chinese I'm a lot on Max. Put

RikoChiko 15.10.20

Everything on the ultras, on the test works better than Vahi 2. Which I have works on the high is worse.
But in Troy as well as in the Thrones of Britain noticed that at the distance of the model with 3D on 2D sprites change.
You can see right away that the engine of the version from Wahi 2.

konorzet 15.10.20

Strangely, there's an update today. Graphics on high. There's a siege, the fight's on. 30 phps, but at the same time, the fight hovered sharply (not the game itself, namely the battle).

gennaz 15.10.20

Surprisingly, the optimization was very decent, most of the settings can be twisted to the maximum - high.

zudmitt 15.10.20

gennaz wrote:
Surprisingly, the optimization was very decent, most of the settings can be twisted to the maximum - high.
Great, and if you put on one side and the other on 1-2 detachment, you can graphene and ultra unscrew.))) It's me to that test about nothing. If the game is really played, and not tested, then situations where the floor stack in the army on each side and do not see almost. And the second point, in addition to the half stacks in the test, and half-squads, i.e. 60-90 people.
Optimization , as in other parts of the series.

NMD 2020 15.10.20

Maybe another 10,000 people? What's the big deal!)))

zudmitt 15.10.20

NMD 2020
NMD 2020 wrote:
Maybe another 10,000 people? What little stuff!))
10,000 have not yet been, but about 5000 people often fight. Which is better to play with pens, rather than on the machine, because the losses will be less than the author's account. Although it is necessary to pay tribute, in my opinion the author's account in this part is more than adequate.