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Cheb 16.10.20 07:33 pm

Who plays on what difficulty? (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl)

I started to pass on the NOVIOK, at the 2nd location I realized that then it would be tedious.
Started again on VETERAN. Dogs bite more and become more lively, more still notice not yet had time, as only to start playing again.
With the rest in the 1st location dealt with without much problems.
On VETERAN from pseudo-dogs in the 1st location immediately fell tail ...

What are the changes to different complexities?
Will I then pull the level of veteran if the experience of passing the game on the easy is not?
Does the complexity of the game affect the likelihood of finding cool art and smoot?
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FreddyCruger 16.10.20

I know for sure that the probability of finding cool art and smoot depends on the coolness of the game, it is 100%.
I play "Stalker", sometimes it is difficult, and so nothing!

GlassSnake 16.10.20


Levin 16.10.20

on the experienced

Vsdfew 16.10.20

Beginner - enough to the ears ...

Cheb 16.10.20

Is it hard to play VETERAN or tolerable?

DIscripter 16.10.20

I'm playing the master...
the truth first was sewn on the veteran...

We are looking for ... - and we learn from doubleposting.

DIscripter 16.10.20

the truth first was sewn on the veteran...

Cheb 16.10.20

And on the veteran all the monsters are present in the game?

Vsdfew 16.10.20

I don't know how you play. I can't get out of the brain-burner station on a rookie. A couple of shots, I'm khan. P.S I HAVE AN EXOSKELETON! (!!!) And in them 500 bullets should be put.... Looking for a trainer for a patched version

DIscripter 16.10.20

"Dimon," what do you need? Throw it out

I'm wearing an environmentalist's protective suit, I've got 8 unique artes on my belt, there are 3 Souls on my belt, and I'm changing 2 artesis, depending on the situation. Weapons - RPG, Modified Dragoons, Thunderstorm, Big Ben. Pharmacy and bandages really time is not enough, and so namano, is less than in Contra on the grid)).
Py.S. Shoot aptly in the head, and ammo is not enough time, oh yes, The Storm is modified (under the cartridge 5 x59 yes I'm not mistaken)

We are looking for ... - and we learn from doubleposting.

Yozheg Nezhnyy 16.10.20


I've had to.
It's a pz.)

DIscripter 16.10.20

Jozseg Gentle, his man))

El Sid 16.10.20

It's the first time I've been on a veteran's.

kolpachok 16.10.20

Complexity levels can be changed as you go along...
Sometimes you want to relax)
Sometimes fight.
passed the game on the veteran-master, the score in multi-hacking successfully kind.
multiplayer here is a latgy of course, if not for lags and brakes - the kill COP 8)
what is worth only junk on the artifact hunt - you will get a gun and to your base
my favorite pastime in the game 8P

Vsdfew 16.10.20

In my opinion, at the beginning of your career you choose from such and budes pass. And during the game to change - does not work. Checked.

Dimon_R_D aka Rockman 16.10.20

Master. I'll get to X16 soon. Steering wheeled q)

Demetriy 16.10.20

First time on "NOOVICH"
Second on "STALKER"
Third on "MASTERE"
"MASTERE" is the best.

absolutestrat 16.10.20

I'm playing stalker. and the masters tried-not liked, headshots kill, themselves impenetrable, and in me any shot gets, then 1/3 of lives remains

Dimon_R_D aka Rockman 16.10.20

People, put fashion! Then you will also be killed by one bullet, but the opponents will also die not with two clothes! Realism will be added to be healthy.

Wizborn 16.10.20

1st time on STALKER
2nd time on VETERAN