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Ssabros100 06.03.21 04:05 am

Shadow / Lighting Bugs (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Actually I ran into a problem on ps4 slim (on the screen). Such garbage is everywhere, all over the world (I haven't been to Toussaint yet). In caves, houses, wherever there is a light source, windows there, or doors, or just a hole in the wall. Rearranging the game didn't help. Maybe someone came across? How to treat?
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Ssabros100 06.03.21

cheezette 06.03.21

You can't do anything about it if it's a curling iron. Buy a PC or a new pine tree

_iSTALKER_ 06.03.21

I didn't think that ps 4 slim had such disgusting graphics

Ssabros100 06.03.21

So the curling iron is already 100 years old at lunch. Moreover, I do not even have a problem.

ZarazaBoy 12.07.21

The same bugs with lighting, only on Xbox One X. There is a version on ps5 for backward compatibility with Ps4, there everything is fine with lighting and shadows. There are English forums and there this topic is being discussed more actively. It seems like this is an HDR glitch, even if TV or Monik does not support it, the game uses it and we get artifacts with lighting and shadows. https://imgur.com/a/dsfiOW8#OxTeplY
https: // forums .cdprojektred.com / index.php? threads / lighting-shadow-glitch-after-a-small-patch.10723361 / page-9

Guest 24.11.22

Its not normal, played before when my old tv its fine on ps4 slim, since we switched to HDR tv i have got this issue, so the FIX is turn off the HDR on ps4, note: restarting the game is a MUST after turning off the HDR on console

Guest 29.12.22

If you’re playing on a 4K TV and the HDR is on just turn it off it resolves the issue.

Guest 29.12.22

If you’re playing on a 4K TV and the HDR is on just turn it off it resolves the issue.