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RomanTough 13.03.21 01:04 am

What can you say about the new update? (Minecraft)

what about the new 1.10 update?
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Ruslan Safin 13.03.21

not enough innovations, while I stay in the 1.8 area

U212 13.03.21

Roman Todua
Too little of everything, and so the rules, and we can't wait for a hike minecraft2

RomanTough 13.03.21

I personally liked the introduction of polar bears

BenziLLLa 13.03.21

All this was added by mods five years ago.

A.Soldier of Light 31.05.22

Ruslan Safin
What can you say about the new update version 1.18 and 1.19 ???
That's the question in 2022 ;]

Compared with version 1.14 + saw games (speedruns, streams) in version 1.16.
Version 1.18 is a very big change to the game. The main change is the massive underground complexes below Y=0 (now a bedrock at Y-59).

Plus other things. The landscape has also changed for the better. There is a change with the piglin bastions: in version 1.18, brutes were added there, who do not react to gold and immediately go to kill the player. Plus, the chance of getting ender pearls from piglins during trading has decreased, which greatly complicates the life of speedrunners)
Few people play fastrun versions higher than 1.16, it's worth noting. 1.16 is the best speedrun version. Without question, the best, absolutely. But from the point of view of a simple game, version 1.18 is certainly better.
Now the difference between 1.18 and 1.19: in the latest version, ancient ruins were added to the deep caves. There are also new blocks. A small addition, I would say the difference is minimal. But between versions 1.16 and 1.18 the difference is simply colossal.

which is below the Y-0 level in version 1.18Deepslate! There are also mines at these levels.

emerald below level Y-0Even more rare than normal!

And here is the usual emerald ore block: