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Walther scarlett 30.03.21 09:40 pm

Procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 not found in DLL (RAGE 2)

Recently in EGS there was a distribution of Rage 2, but when I started the game the inscription appeared The entry point to the CreateDXGIFactory2 procedure was not found in the DLL, what should I do?
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KoWMaPuK 20.04.21

I join the question

Subaru MotorSports 20.04.21


Amogus228 05.08.21

Same stuff. The methods from the article above did not help.
** In short, the article is full of slag. Look for the dxgi.dll file in the Windows folder and drop it into the folder with the game executable.
If you are too lazy to search, then here is the file https://disk.yandex.ru/d/k5wft_hq09ctsQ

Guest 30.10.22

Windows 7 - Problem solved if you have the same issue "CreateDXGIFactory2 in DXGI.dll". Use a hex editor to open Rage2.exe -> find CreateDXGIFactory2 replace the "2" with a "1" to make it CreateDXGIFactory1 save it and you are done.