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ACE 20.10.21 09:09 pm

PN 03

Game from Shinji Mikami. Creator of the Resident Evil / Devil May Cry / Dino Crisis / Onimusha series, etc.

Has anyone played? I want to try everything. Painfully the girl steers.
I really heard that the gameplay is primitive

[youtube] http://youtube.com/watch?v=zNEQlZcOkyo [/ youtube]
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Sultan 20.10.21

The gameplay I watch is 0 there. : ass:

RIPPER12 20.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b], buy, you will like it. : gigi:

nTrophy 20.10.21

[quote name = "RIPPER12"] [b] ACE [/ b], buy it, you will like it. : gigi: [/ quote]
wanted to write something like that))) the

gameplay is rare shit, and the design is for snotty Japanese teenagers

ACE 20.10.21

You will need to buy: gigi:

vodafon 20.10.21

but I liked it .. stylish wench :)
collecting suits was also interesting., the music is superb ..
game for an amateur :)

TEDIZZZ 20.10.21

The game is unfinished, there are only about 5 levels, then they are somehow repeated, the shoes are also repeated, something like that. It was just cut off, just like Dino Crisis 3. It would be better not to release it at all, like some unreleased exclusive on a cube with dragons (Phoenix chtoli). Everything is in white and gray tones, like in a psychiatric hospital, all levels are very bare, there are few objects on the screen. In principle, the game is based on the design of robots, bosses and the girl herself (the face is taken from a German top model), well, maybe Mouzon is still rolling, well, the suits open, but I didn't really want to replay the monotonous levels for the sake of suits (albeit very sexy).
In general, if you like the girl, take it, she runs there, jumps, bends as you like, and so into the furnace.

DarK JiN 20.10.21

liked it !! I'll take it !! : gigi:

Mamun 20.10.21

By the way, I also liked the game. Of course, this level design is only suitable for training missions, and the enemies are generally poor rubbish. But all these disadvantages are compensated by the way the girl twists her ass) :)
Actually, there is still the choreography at a height.

vodafon 20.10.21

[img] http://www.edge-online.co.uk/archives/163extend1.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://www.edge-online.co.uk/archives/163extend2.jpg [/ img]
: dsfnlkjh:: dsfnlkjh:

ACE 20.10.21

[b] vodafon [/ b], what is this?
By the way, do you have a wallpaper with Vanessa? : gigi:

vodafon 20.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b], just found the EDGE preview: dsfnlkjh:
no wallpaper: sad:

[color = green] [size = 75] Added after 1 minute 25 seconds: [/ size] [/ color]

EDGE by the way 7 ku gave; kl; .klj

ACE 20.10.21

[b] vodafon [/ b], mlyn, nowhere: sad:
7ka from the edge? tin, I thought they would smack 4ku.

karapooze 20.10.21

a very good game by the way, I personally got exactly what I was expecting (good mochilovo) and never regretted the money spent 8)

vodafon 20.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b], ouryoyell !!!!
[url = http: //www.pn03.co.uk/] http://www.pn03.co.uk/ [/ url]
: dsfnlkjh:: dsfnlkjh:

[color = green] [size = 75] Added later 4 minutes 5 seconds: [/ size] [/ color]

[quote] PN03 sold 10,000 copies in Japan and 13,000 in North America [/ quote]
: jksfdhg:: jmoipj:

ACE 20.10.21

PPC how logical - search on the site of the game: gigi:

[quote] PN03 sold 10,000 copies in Japan and 13,000 in North America [/ quote]
cool: gigi:
there are exactly 23,000 in the world like me: D

KillEmotions 20.10.21

[quote] PN03 sold 10,000 copies in Japan and 13,000 in North America [/ quote]
Yeah .... I'm probably not the only one who likes this game :)

Timsonic 20.10.21

Both on!!! I have seen the video for a long time))) download it on torrents.ru mona?

Beloved and respected by 20.10.21

and what did she wear, on the cube?

NiGHTS 20.10.21

question: ace and where were you in 2003 when she came out ??? the advertising campaign there was quite good.
the game is real shit, like some nina on ps2, even hushe. you can download and throw it away, but buy it? no, well, excuse me, this is just illogical at all.

Retrokun 20.10.21

[b] Everyone's beloved and respected [/ b], yes