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Gasm 20.10.21 09:09 pm

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

What do you think about this series of Mortal.
And all the characters and bosses.
: twisted:: twisted:: twisted:
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John Davis 20.10.21

Well, like ... We are waiting.
Only now will they really be allowed to play for 100 persoffs?

Urizel 20.10.21

Everything will probably be terribly unbalanced there. More than 50 characters is not 15 for you ...

Darth reals 20.10.21

I'm waiting. I want to add new techniques to Scorpio: love:

Gasm 20.10.21

It seems that you can create your own character there if I'm not mistaken.
: uzi:

JP 20.10.21

And pomoymu there mozhnr will pass it not only by fighting games but by the plot !!!! : box:

KalbasNICK 20.10.21

Hmm, is this a fighting game or beat 'em up?
I'm waiting for the love.

aki 20.10.21

When will it be released?

KalbasNICK 20.10.21

[b] aki [/ b], in October this year.

the clown 20.10.21

It will be cool! Sub-Zero Champion! : D

-Mag 20.10.21

[quote name = "the clown"] This is going to be cool! Sub-Zero Champion! : D [/ quote]

he is not a champion, he is a cheater))

here by the way, I read a lot of interesting things! there is truth in places with the spelling troubles))

Mr_Gray 20.10.21

They also promise Konquest Mode similar to MK: Shaolin Monks.

StopCloud 20.10.21

I'm waiting. But she seems to be on Ps3?
And my favorite fighter is Smoke - Robot ..

-Mag 20.10.21

wrote, but did not give a link :-D

[url = http: //www.trmk.org/games/mortal_kombat_armageddon/] http://www.trmk.org/games/mortal_kombat_armageddon/ [/ url]

Roger 20.10.21

I don't like the stance of Sub-Zero and some others, so only the Striker can stand, like a bag on the back. I want to see all robots and ninjas in Armagedon (UMK)

TMOD 20.10.21

I found an official site, there is not a lot there yet, but there is something to see [url = http: //www.mkarmageddon.com/] http://www.mkarmageddon.com/ [/ url]

CyHDyK 20.10.21

there was a review on my favorite fighting game site:
[url = http: //www.fightersgeneration.com/fightgen/main.htm] http://www.fightersgeneration.com/fightgen/main.htm [/ url] the
game is complete crap as I expected.

Dimasius 20.10.21

but I played: and I don't advise others, the game is shit, and
it's not a fighting game, but a bitmap, after teiken and soulcalibur it's just funny to play it, because there are 30-40 identical techniques, 10-15 with weapons (also the same for everyone) and + 3-6 special techniques, shorter than sega, only with a bunch of characters. I strongly do not recommend: evil:

Retrokun 20.10.21

[b] Dimasius [/ b], inappropriately he was good on shoga: wink:

[color = green] [size = 75] Posted after 2 minutes 19 seconds: [/ size] [/ color]

or did you mean what happened the second trilogy in which, apart from a bunch of Persians, there was nothing of value

-Mag 20.10.21

but they rate the game quite well ...

asc 20.10.21

Who played, please describe in more detail. What kind of modes, plot, etc.