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Lain 20.10.21 09:10 pm

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: 360 / PS3 / PC
Publisher: Ubisoft
Gamesite: Click here
Genres: Shooter, Stealth The

plot in the game will continue the events of the first part of the
game, a

recent teaser is promised to be released in March 2008
[url = http: // www .gametrailers.com / game / 5848.html] http://www.gametrailers.com/game/5848.html [/ url]
+ 2 new shots
[url = http: //www.gamersyde.com/pop_image.html ? G = 7261 & N = 2] http://www.gamersyde.com/pop_image.html?G=7261&N=2 [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gamersyde.com/pop_image.html? G = 7261 & N = 1] http://www.gamersyde.com/pop_image.html?G=7261&N=1 [/ url]
graphically the game doesn't seem to be very different from the first part: sad:
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Rem 20.10.21

Eh, I can't get to the first one, and the second is on its way.

RIPPER12 20.10.21

March 2008 release: wink:

Guest 20.10.21

I really liked the first one, there were some drawbacks, but the single + cartoon are very cool. If the second is at least "the same, but more" then I will be glad.

Lain 20.10.21

[quote name = "RIPPER12"] release in March 2008: wink: [/ quote]
can move

to the second by the way and there will be many innovations in single and multi

RIPPER12 20.10.21

[quote name = "Lain"] [quote name = "RIPPER12"] release in March 2008: wink: [/ quote]
can be transferred
to the second by the way and there will be many innovations in the single and multi [/ quote] will not transfer, it will be released for the decade of the series: wink:

TEDIZZZ 20.10.21

Only the ps3 version can be transferred, as usual: wink:
If the graphics are the same this time, I'll take it to the ps3, there shouldn't be any bugs. And then the first Vegas 360 looks much cooler, but it lags in live as cool as it looks: brash:
And I want hand-to-hand, well, a knife there or something else, you can scoop ala kgb.

Guest 20.10.21

In live, he lagged only if the host was out of the ass of the world, normal guys with 3 green lights in the "ping" column did not allow themselves this :)

[color = green] [size = 75] Added after 40 seconds: [/ size] [/ color]

[quote] will not be transferred, it will be released for the tenth anniversary of the series [/ quote]
The problem is that the first Rainbow came out in August '98 :)

Dan4MerC 20.10.21

[url = http: //www.gamersyde.com/news_5711_en.html] http://www.gamersyde.com/news_5711_en.html [/ url]
New screenshots!

Xopek 20.10.21

Not ice, why, besides, the action was postponed to the morning, the wretchedness of the graphics immediately became noticeable :?

Roman 20.10.21

For me, this is how the models of the Persians have become better traced. As for the morning, in the first part, at the beginning of the game, it was also pretty light.

KalbasNICK 20.10.21


Sultan 20.10.21

The graphics are complete bullshit, the whole environment is kind of flat. :?

Owl 20.10.21

Yes, something worse than even it seemed (

TEDIZZZ 20.10.21

Fitted under psSRi: evil: As well as GRAV2: evil: so that it was the same everywhere, goats: ass:

DarK JiN 20.10.21

guys plzz !! tell me the first part on which console came out ??? I will buy and play !! then to buy the second part!

RIPPER12 20.10.21

[b] DarK JiN [/ b], on pc, 360, ps3 :)

DarK JiN 20.10.21

[b] RIPPER12 [/ b], the first part came out on zy3 ??? when??

KalbasNICK 20.10.21

[b] DarK JiN [/ b], good morning. In the summer she went out.

DarK JiN 20.10.21

[b] KalbasNICK [/ b], uuuuuhhh .... I didn't pay attention to anything)) how I will buy it)))

Hero 20.10.21

Hey, circuses are live again. I loved the game of the current for the group with which I played what the current was worth the graters of Ripir, bison and pit bull. Damn the 2nd part for me is one of the most anticipated games of the year. : lol: