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Azzy 21.10.21 12:22 am

Heavenly_Sword 2

According to rumors, Ninja Theory gathered a focus group and asked them to share the next ideas that might be used in Heavenly Sword 2.

1. Heavenly Sword 2 will take place 10 years after the events of Heavenly Sword 1.
2. The main character will be a man, owning martial arts.
3. The main character will be Kai, but she will be more mature and mature.
4. It will be necessary to master several fighting styles before obtaining the heavenly sword.
5. In addition to the buttons, the game will use an analog stick for throwing weapons.
6. It will be possible to download additional weapons, characters and enemies.
7. The game will interact more with the environment.
8. Divide the game into replayable missions instead of an open world.

It is not yet clear whether Ninja Theory is going to make a new character or leave Kai, or both.

I'm for Kai! And you?

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I think if the guy wakes up, then it wakes up either some thread brother Kai and Nariko, or the father himself (forgot his name).
But all the same Kai and that's it, no one else is needed for me to be happy!
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Darkiti 21.10.21

Well, the father himself is vryatli, he is too old.

Sh1nn 21.10.21

I want GG to be a new character ...: jhi:

LA 21.10.21

How do you like this lot? [url = http: //www.gamegrep.com/pictures/7731-real_life_heavenly_sword/] http://www.gamegrep.com/pictures/7731-r ... nly_sword / [/ url]

I would be the same, only metal ...: jds:

Timsonic 21.10.21

[b] LA [/ b],
Cool!)): agree:
But I now want the Swords of Chaos Kratos: D: oops: With chains)))