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ACE 21.10.21 12:22 am

Guilty gear 2 overture

Developed by: ARC System Works

Genre: Action / Fighting

Release Date: 2008

Platform: XBOX360

First screenshots. zhzhot design.

[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0003.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0004.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0006.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0009.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0010.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0011 .jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0012.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0014.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0016.jpg [/ img]
[img] http://images.gamersyde.com/gallery/public/6045/1330_0020.jpg [/ img]
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Nitrous 21.10.21

Diz in the style of the series, I wonder if there will be other presses from the game ... Although I'm preparing for trash.

ACE 21.10.21

[b] The Son Of Nitrous [/ b], as far as I know gulty gear is now the most popular 2de fight. I don't think these developers will have trash: roll:

Chez 21.10.21

sonic in 2de was also good, let's see

ACE 21.10.21

first video
[url = http: //www.gametrailers.com/player/25631.html? type =] http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25631.html?type= [/ url]

ACE 21.10.21

demo in japanese live

Retrokun 21.10.21

it would be better

if they did a fighting game, otherwise there were comrades who love to wander into the wrong steppe-mortal Kombat special force

with sub-zero mythological it turned out to be niche, probably because it was 2-d

ACE 21.10.21

I'm already playing, the demo is completely in Nippon.
the graphics are nice, the design is beautiful, some are bienen.
the gameplay is something like a strategy fighting game.
there is a map and there are two temples. one is yours, the other is the enemy, which is guarded by the enemy hero. meaning - to conquer hurried obelisks, which are scattered around the map and your units will crawl out of them. the bigger, the better. The task is to destroy the temple of the enemy.

The fight is pleasant, we hold down the right trigger and the aiming turns on. we rotate the right analogue and use the x and y buttons for combo attacks, the a button is responsible for dodging, b - xs: gigi: mine does not understand Japanese :(

oh yes, even at the beginning of the mission, a woman's voice says “let’s rock!” :-D

Big boss 21.10.21

I think something might come out of the game ...: gigi:

ACE 21.10.21

ah, if you click on the left analogue then the hero will start running like a sonic and you can aim and hit the enemy at such speed

ReAvEr 21.10.21

mmm: eek: I will definitely download and try ...: D

XPEH 21.10.21

People, but what type of English will it be at all? Surprising is the almost complete lack of any interest in the subject from the players. It should be a good thing.

SoulGrabber 21.10.21

[b] XPEH [/ b], clone of Dynasty Voriors - good?

How much did Famitsu bet?

XPEH 21.10.21

[b] SoulGrabber [/ b],
29/40 - at least not trash, I would like to try it, it's Gilty Gear after all.
There is no game even in the gamerankings database.

ACE 21.10.21

I didn’t taste the demo at all: roll:
at the beginning it was fun and then it starts up like a crap with the capture of the undertow bases

XPEH 21.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b],
Well, is the fighting game in comparison with 2d-girders canal or not? Or is it fundamentally different at all?

ACE 21.10.21

[b] XPEH [/ b], yes there is generally somehow all strange: crazy:
download the demo from Japanese live

al_noname 21.10.21

Is there I-NO on the list of characters? I don’t play without it.

Mirael 21.10.21

[b] al_noname [/ b], nope, at least I didn’t notice. There are Sol, Ku, and still Persians who were not in the fight (or were, but I missed them, that navryatli), for example, a certain Valentine. ..

[b] XPEH [/ b], gg2nd.jp here's a shorter Japanese official site, look for a list of Persians, I'm afraid of Japanese letters: gigi:

XPEH 21.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b],
I would love to, the current I am zobanen))
By the way, yes, who is there from the characters?

ACE 21.10.21

[b] XPEH [/ b],
Sol Badguy
Ky Kiske
Dr. Paradigm
That Man
Kokage no Kimi

[img] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/15/Guilty_Gear_2.jpg [/ img]