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qdash 21.10.21 11:28 pm

2008 - what FPS are we expecting

Subject. ;)

My list:

[i] [b] C&C: Tiberium [/ i] [/ b] - it's C&C! Aaaarrggghhh!
[i] [b] Borderlands [/ i] [/ b] - FPS / RPG / Diablo + Mad Max from Gearbox
[i] [b] Rage [/ i] [/ b] - a new hit from id Software on a new mega dvigle using Mega Texture to its fullest, which means we are waiting for HUGE playing areas without reloading and fog of war, as well as a bunch of new gameplay chips
[i] [b] Huxley [/ i] [/ b] - MMOFPS 50/50 thrash, but I I still hope. The work was done by dofig, bettests too ...
[i] [b] Project Offset [/ i] [/ b] - 50/50 thrash, but the original concept of slasher + fps captivates, and even in the fantasy universe
[i] [b ] Mirror's Edge [/ i] [/ b] - I'm waiting for a revolutionary shooter with cool previously unseen tricks. This is DICE (the creators of Battlefield).
[i] [b] Far Cry 2 [/ i] [/ b] - run around Africa, please the eye with the beauties of graphics. Although not Crysis, I think it will be very good.
[i] [b] The Ship 2 [/ i] [/ b] - an innovative spy-themed FPS, the first part was mega cool
[i] [b] Xenus 2 [/ i] [/ b] - continuation of Xenus. I think this is at least worth taking a look at.
[/ list]

This is more than enough for me, even if something does not come out in 2K8.
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ReDoX 21.10.21

Far Cry 2nd xenus fan (don't laugh :)).
C&C Tiberium is a shooter in a c + c universe, it must be unrealistically interesting.
Code5 - I love the theme of the Second World War.
Battlefield bad company - it will probably be cool.
Halfa 2 Episode 3 - I don't really believe in what will be released in 2008.

gravemaker 21.10.21

darkness 2, battle bad company ... like everything

ACE 21.10.21

I'm not expecting any fps,
well, except perhaps an augmented version of Riddick's Chronicles

SoulGrabber 21.10.21

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Battlefield: Bad Company
Black [next-gen] (hopefully)
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The (don't care what was the original recently)
Postal III:
gigi : AFriKa SukiNa 2

qdash 21.10.21

[b] SoulGrabber [/ b], Postal is no longer an FPS. : sad:: sad:: sad: There is now a third-person view. : sad:: sad:: sad:

FreeFCA 21.10.21

BF BadCampani + Hiros

and there are a lot of vapche, you won't remember

+ Condemnd2: Bludshot, but is it FPS))

Eastwood 21.10.21

I'm not expecting anything, well, I'll probably start driving the headlights around the edge, everything else will pass by.

EVIL DEVIL 21.10.21

only riddick and the mysterious mirror's edge

ReDoX 21.10.21

[b] ACE [/ b], aaa, tochnyak, Riddick I wait most of all, because this is the best FPS in the first box (even a halo is resting) and simply the best FPS of 2004. Well, and oh, oh, awesome gambling of the movie of the same name.

SoulGrabber 21.10.21

[b] [dD] [/ b], don't care.
Of all of the above, only Black would play with pleasure and pass. I'll check out the rest, but not the fact that I'll play - I'll limit myself to a couple of levels and give it to a friend :)

Dan4MerC 21.10.21

Far Cry 2
Battlefield: Bad Company
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Killzone 2
Condemned 2
Mirror's edge for

sure forgot something, as I remember in addition, code5 should be a complete drain

Dope 21.10.21

I'm waiting for Black 2, the most real and real shooter and everything that exists. This is my opinion.

Roman 21.10.21

Condemned 2
Vegas 2

mjlame 21.10.21

[quote name = "ReDoX"] [b] ACE [/ b], aaa, exactly, I'm waiting for Riddick most of all, because this is the best FPS on the first box (even the halo is resting) and simply the best FPS of 2004. Well, oh, oh, awesome gamroisation of the film of the same name. [/ Quote] I also think it was the best in 2004, and I'm waiting for a remake. And the film is a masterpiece for me, 10 out of 10.

If suddenly Black 2 comes out in 2008, I'll check it out, like the new RTCW.
I want to check out the demo of FarCry 2, but only because of the trauma system, the cool graph in games does not really bother me.

KillZone 2, I'm just wondering what Sony will do there, although God forbid, I tried to play FPS on dual shocks ... (But this is IMHO!)

PS Condemned 2 is also interested, although it has no special relation to FPS, for me at least. Most likely FPF is First Person Fighting :).

ReDoX 21.10.21

There is also a new EA label to be released - the shooter Dead Space (as I understand it, an arrogant clone of DUM, but still ...).

Danny 21.10.21

KillZone 2, Far Cry 2, Xenus 2.

mjlame 21.10.21

[quote name = "ReDoX"] A new label EA, the shooter Dead Space, is still to come out (as I understand it, an impudent clone of DUM, but still ...). [/ quote] I'm also waiting, I love horror. But knowing EA, I also strongly doubt ... that they would not promise us there.

Bladef1st 21.10.21

Far Cry 2, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Rage (if the latter comes out this year, of course)

Chieffy 21.10.21

Halo: Chronicles
Mirror Edge
Bad Company
Left 4 Dead
Black 2
Stalker Clear Sky
Project Origin
Dead Island
Brother in Arms 3
Earth no more ... although this does not seem to be a shooter, but still waiting for
Legendary: the box
Return to Castle Wolfenstein

still really hope for the imminent announcements of Perfect Dark2 and Anril Championship3

Darkiti 21.10.21

Killson 2
Resistance 2
Stalker Clear Sky
Condemned 2