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Leider 21.10.21 11:28 pm


Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness
HERE, I want to talk about these two)) I don't care what Action / RPG, I can't put it in an RPG, it's DMC clean)
Who played, what are the opinions ?? I liked CoD more because of the abundance of mobs and massacre, but both are so cute ...
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IQ-156 21.10.21

In principle, CoD is not bad, on a 10-point scale, I would give 6.5. The design is rather weak, before DMC it (especially until the third), how to crawl to China in an uncomfortable position, and the gameplay is so-so (boring). Pass and forget forever.

Leider 21.10.21

Design yeah .. The monotony of the corridors is to try to do everything so monotonously ...

Lucifer 21.10.21

IGA cannot make 3D games, although I passed it Nanobreaker 8)

Frost-sama 21.10.21

I like these games Pts and I play them with pleasure.
everything went ^ _ ^

RPG? O_O yes this is pure action !!

Leider 21.10.21

[b] Frost-sama [/ b], In CoD you gain levels))) And there are stats))

And finally, yes, the genre rules nipadezzki.
I'm still going through CoD until the end, all my hands did not reach ..

The Might WandereR 21.10.21

Honestly, I didn't like it. -:?
In vain I laid out a hundred .. =) DMC is on top! -: D

Observer 21.10.21

I liked Lament of Innocence and even passed, but the second one is not very ... Boring and monotonous.

Frost-sama 21.10.21

[b] Leider [/ b], honestly, after typing these lvlov, it was already turning me back from this =) so I abandoned this case =)

Leider 21.10.21

But you must admit, the fact itself is pleasant)) and in the Code there are all sorts of fairies, so many abilities ...
it's like in Chaos Legion - to play when you want meat ... (CODE)

-Mag 21.10.21

I didn't get to play games until ... I have both ... I turned on Lamenti - I liked the whip at the beginning.

Frost-sama 21.10.21

[b] Leider [/ b], uh-huh, they came up with a funny thing about fairies =)

IQ-156 21.10.21

Maybe we should make the topic wider, talk about the Castlevania universe ????????????????????????

Wishmaster 21.10.21

Castlevania had to remain 2D, just like Sonic.
I played both, I mean from the last ... I stuck the code more, but all the same, both suck, sadly :(

Leider 21.10.21

Yes, the idea is good - you can make a topic on touch.

Tatsuya 21.10.21

I'll fight back: I only liked Symphony of The Night. Everything) :)

IQ-156 21.10.21

My favorite is Bloodlines on Sega Mega. At that time (1994) good graphics combined with arcade gameplay.

Alexandra 21.10.21

Yes, Bloodlines rules and does it oooo very cruel. : shock: Eh, I remember how I passed, already blows the roof off. : P Incidentally, I love DS for 2-d
Castle. I haven't played 3-d Castle and I'm not going to. 8)
Even in the series, Mouzon is patryasny.

OkaRin 21.10.21

Nah, Curse of Darkness - full sax) ... In my opinion ... Here and the gameplay is boring (although pumping there is nothing .. especially a trick with Innocent Devils is not bad), and the design is so-so ... Somewhere the whole atmosphere has disappeared ... There is no spirit of the whole series.

For me, the best Castlevanias are Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow.

limnique 21.10.21

2D only 2D rest of the floppy. Although I went through both parts ...)

BlackSilver 21.10.21

[quote name = "Taelsien"] For me, the best Castlevania are Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow. [/ quote] I
agree. Completely.