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aladdin 21.10.21 11:28 pm

Driver: Parallel Lines

Did you see it ??? I'm just shocked! Is it really that everything will be in the game ?! ... Stunned!

[url = http: //image.com.com/gamespot/images/2005/278/928570_20051006_screen002.jpg] [img] http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2005/278/928570_20051006_thumb002.jpg [ / img] [/ url]

[url = http: //image.com.com/gamespot/images/2005/249/reviews/928570_20050907_screen006.jpg] [img] http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images /2005/249/reviews/928570_20050907_thumb006.jpg

[/img] [url ] [url = http: //image.com.com/gamespot/images/2005/249/reviews/928570_20050907_screen003.jpg] [img] http: //img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2005/249/reviews/928570_20050907_thumb003.jpg [/img] [[]]

[url = http: //image.com.com/gamespot/images/2005/278/928570_20051006_screen003.jpg] [img] http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2005/278/928570_20051006_thumb003.jpg [ / img] [/ url]

sorry to wait for this creation right up to March 2006!
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SeYazh 21.10.21

And what is there to actually be shocked at? If you're talking about graphics, then on PS2 it will be like in the second screenshot, and everything else could be seen in Driv3r.

aladdin 21.10.21

[quote name = "SeYazh"] And what is there to actually be shocked at? If you're talking about graphics, then on the PS2 it will be like in the second screenshot, and all the rest can be seen in Driv3r. [/ Quote]

well, just like these screenshots like a ps2 ... and everything else, I never saw Driver3 ... the cars there were angular and scary, there were no textures - but in this part it was a sight for sore eyes

Lucifer 21.10.21

The same as Drova3 - the same engine, the same cheap lighting, absolutely the same damage and textures of the same quality on the cars, draw normal people and make normal missions, I will play, they will not do it - in the basket!

aladdin 21.10.21

[quote name = "Lucifer"] the same damages and textures of the same quality on machines [/ quote]

well, where are the machines of the same quality ??? the cars have become an order of magnitude better - the angularities of the box are no longer on the car!
Again, the effect of the depth of field of the camera has been added, which creates a different perception ...

here's a reminder of the graphics from Drev3r:
[url = http: //image.com/gamespot/images/2004/reviews/561852_20040623_screen015.jpg] [img] http : //img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2004/reviews/561852_20040623_thumb015.jpg [/ img] [/ url]

JayDi 21.10.21

[quote name = "aladdin"] I'll remind you of the graphics from Drev3r ... [/ quote]
Oh hell, it feels like this screen was taken from the 2nd part: shocked: How many I played in Driv3r, but I see such jambs for the first time: The game is definitely prettier than this last screenshot.

aladdin 21.10.21

I would like to believe that the continuation will correspond to the screenshots, and also that the levels will be easier than in Driv3r ... I was so stuck at the beginning, now I'm gathering dust on the shelf ...

SeYazh 21.10.21

[quote name = "aladdin"] and also that the levels will be easier than in Driv3r ... [/ quote]
Only this was not enough :). Now all games have already become very easy, it was the complexity of the missions in Driv3r that strongly attracted me to it. In general, Driver has never been an easy game.

StrikerX 21.10.21

It is not so complicated, with bells and whistles - yes. I completed the game in two days, whether it meant light or short.

aladdin 21.10.21

not all the same cool gamers like you - some people want to choose easy / difficult levels ...

Wildduck 21.10.21

Here, the difficulty is not measured by the coolness, but by the interest and long-term passage))) For example, in my interests they suffer when they get stuck at some moment, so that later I feel a strong relief after passing it, than in 2-3 hours to go through the game like some Mario with a dandy and score on it (however, you can't score on Mario - the game is eternal) ...

aladdin 21.10.21

[quote name = "Wildduck"] For example, in my interests they suffer when they get stuck at some point [/ quote]

and if they get stuck at the same level, that's all! I poked around for several days - I could not go through ... as a result, the game is practically not used and gathers dust ... and so it was waiting for her.
So I want the continuation of the driver to be a little easier))

aladdin 21.10.21

launched [url = http: //www.atari.com/driver/] the official site of the game [/ url]

Lucifer 21.10.21

I will play a little longer and write in detail about my impressions, a good game came out this time, who is already playing, write, share your impressions

well-wisher 21.10.21

did not understand why the game came out already? How long does it take for the pirate to appear?

aladdin 21.10.21

Can you share your impressions about the difficulty of the game? I hardly played the previous Driv3r, because I could not pass the 4th mission like ... it turned out to be too difficult. Is everything complicated in the new game as well? Or is it still possible to play it?

ACE 21.10.21

How is the game there? Are you already playing?

Darth reals 21.10.21

In general, in my opinion, the topic is in the wrong section :)

Series [b] Driver [/ b] will be able to rehabilitate only if it returns to its origins - that is, if the "pedestrian part" is removed from the game. A simple "licking" ideas from the series [b] Grand Theft Auto [/ b], [b] Reflections [/ b] will not help. They have to make the game look like the first part was. It was for the splendid chase that they fell in love with her.

KalbasNICK 21.10.21

[quote] KalbasNICK
How is the game there? You already play? [/ Quote]
Well, what can I say.
I liked the graphics, I haven't met any glitches yet.
We were pleased with the videos that follow GC after each mission.
I did not play 3 drivers, but I can say that I liked this one.
I won't say much about the walking part, while I didn't have to run for long.
The main character immediately catches the eye, he is some kind of
cartoonish, elongated and thin)). So far, I can’t put anything in the game, I’ve
played a little, I’ll not play enough with godfather. When I pass it I will
proceed to the driver.

WisherVDA 21.10.21

Is the driver rehabilitated? Something I can't believe ...

ReAvEr 21.10.21

mmm ... A hip game, or rather its stylization, is a plus.
I still lack the hardcoreness of the first and second parts.
Missions are wildly primitive - if earlier (again, 1st and 2nd parts) they were similar to interactive cinema, then here is another muddied GTA style (example: mission - I go up to a guy on the street - I sit in his car, the bottom line is: I need to take the car to checkpoint, there sit in another and follow to the next checkpoint ... idiocy ... what is the benefit of this maneuver for the "employer" ... the whole dialogue of the beginning of the mission - "take it, don't break it, faster" ... but why ... well, this is already lyrics :())
If the whole game takes place in such an arcadon spirit, it will kill the value of the game as a whole.