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Moty 21.10.21 11:30 pm

Beyond Good And Evil

who played nebat? How is it?

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Gregor 21.10.21

BGE - came out great! the thing is very versatile and addictive! you have to try it yourself, of course. but, as always, it was not without a fly in the ointment - in the original version 1.0 there are several annoying graphical glitches, and patch 1.1, although it cures them, adds a bug that makes the game impassable (the right key does not fall out in the right place),

but nevertheless, a toy standing

MaddoG 21.10.21

I don't really like quests, but this one somehow caught on. I nailed it to the demo and I'm going to get it. Advise? ...

Raipper 21.10.21

I can't find it anywhere, but I will find it - I will definitely buy it. Nice toy, resting.

SuperFedya 21.10.21

Is this a quest?
I thought it was a simple walker ...

Raipper 21.10.21

There is a little bit of everything :).

Kay'L 669 21.10.21

The theme has been merged with the existing one.

Guest 21.10.21

[quote name = "Raipper"] I can't find it anywhere, but I will find it - I will definitely buy it. Nice toy, resting. [/ Quote]
Buka prepares localization and strictly follows the pirated versions of Beyond. So it is impossible to get it in the original on trays.

Nik 21.10.21

2 Cray
As usual, in principle ...

2 All
I also played the demo. Liked. And I believe Shishkin :) I will wait for the localization and then I will acquire ...

NarayanCat 21.10.21

and where do you get the demo? )

Guest 21.10.21

HM. From i-neta. Or on disks for magazines.

Great thing! I have not seen such a pleasant and comfortable game for a long time.

Cain 21.10.21

the patch for the game does not find it in the registry, pliz throw the registry file on the soap

Guest 21.10.21

Passed through.
A luxurious thing! There hasn't been such a Game for a long time. The overall design and the game design are top notch.

* Olessia * 21.10.21

Judging by the reviews, the game is good, but I'm afraid to take the full version for now - in the demo there are glitches with the video, the game is running, but it's impossible to understand what is happening on the screen. Is it being treated or is it my card doesn't fit (GeForce3)?

Guest 21.10.21

They say it is treated with a patch. But I heard that installing it can lead to the fact that at a certain moment the game becomes impassable (there is some kind of bug).

I had a GeForce Ti4200 - everything went smoothly, I didn't install any patches.
Maybe it's the drivers?

Yallo Pukken ® ™ 21.10.21

[color = darkblue] [size = 92] I saw it on the screenshots, nothing ....... Doesn't slow down they say 1600 to 1200.
Still, I still don't understand, can anyone give it, who has it, so that I Did you rewrite it on Vinch and use it? Something 3 days ago still asked and silence ...... scribble who has it to akimoff@hotmail.com and I will cross with you somewhere .. [/ size] [/ color]

BlackWizard 21.10.21

I put DeMouy on download, I'll try it at home tomorrow ... Strange, but I saw it on sale this week ... from Fargus version ... ahem ... and, on 2 SD ...

dmitry_gf 21.10.21

: clever: I had glitches with graphics such as: twitching, lack of interior items torn flickering stars on the whole screen
- so I rummaged in the settings, in advanced graphics settings I turned off the multi-vertex stream option - something like that, then became normal

Yallo Pukken ® ™ 21.10.21

[Quote name = "BlackWizard"] I put the DeMouy on download, I'll try it at home tomorrow ... Strange, but I saw it on sale this week ... from Fargus version ... ahem ... and, at 2 SD ... [/ quote]

[color = darkblue] Listen, where have you seen? Even the hardened pirates on Kuznetsky, who always have everything and have not seen it in their eyes! [/ Color]

BlackWizard 21.10.21

2Yallo Pukken ® ™: are you from Buka by chance? :) We are in Kolomna. Yesterday I played the demo ... hmm ... damn it, it hooked me the same way that Oni did it, but a little less :)

Yallo Pukken ® ™ 21.10.21

I-THAT? And then! Am I not from BUKI !!! It would be foolish to think differently

ALL ! Bought! Woe is!

Listen comrades peppers, can you tell me a solution to the problem, yesterday evening I installed the game, and she constantly asks like a spider: "insert the 3rd disc", "insert the 3rd disc", "insert the 3rd disc", and it does not start.
I already rebooted 5 times and inserted the third fucking disc, everything does not care to see the third disc, although it was installed normally, a window with a tiotka and an invitation to start the game and music appears at startup, the third disc is spinning and hell, and the game was installed from him, but when you start FIG!

What to do then ??
He writes, however, that I have Detonators 44.03, they say, the old version. So what, it shouldn't shake her, I have the right to have whatever I want !!

Please advise !! Maybe somewhere there is no SD or something like that?