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Tinkino 31.10.21 11:32 am

Metroid Prime: Federation Force



Platform: 3DS Genre: First-person shooter Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Next Level Games Release date: 09/02/2016 Trailer:  


Suppressed by almost everyone (it came to petitions to cancel the game) cooperative shooter in the Metroid universe. Of course, fans on the 30th anniversary of the series were clearly not waiting for a branch with chibi characters.


But, suddenly, a sensible shooter on handhelds looms. The missions are varied, play normally both in solo and in co-op (unlike Zelda Tri Force Heroes, which is clearly worse as a game), graphically NLG tried - the locations are beautiful, the frame rate is even, the chibiks should be removed and in general there would be beauty.


If you look at the reviews, you can see that the gameplay many people say good gameplay. Low marks for obvious reasons - they miss the real Metroid and don't want to see spin-offs. I am sure that if there was no connection with the Metroid series, there would be no such hate for the game and the ratings were clearly higher.

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(ck) 31.10.21

An excellent, strong game that has not deservedly fallen under the wave of the blind hat of the Metroid community (which I admit I am a sinner myself, I have poured shit on it more than once). The graphics, sound, gameplay are great, no kidding. The case when you have to play to understand. 


The game is not Metroid per se, but it uses it as a base. In fact, this is a shooter with interesting varied levels, built on the rules of MP. It is played very excitingly and, to some extent, thanks to the uniqueness of the features of the Prime series (exploration, control, physics, customization), it is fresh within the framework of a shooter. Considering the structure, the game reminds me of old shooters a la DooM, Blood, Duke Nukem - here, too, the rate is on the variety of levels and great attention is paid to their design (I understand that the comparison may not seem obvious, but there is a certain similarity, even a breakdown by symbolic episodes-planets ). There are actually many pluses. Good boss fights, great challenge when playing single. The co-op component is not binding, the game does not lose when played alone. 

Modified September 3, 2016 by (ck)

ACE 31.10.21

The mission structure, small missions (it is not clear why the game was called metroid, if there is no common open adventure world device), the lack of saves in the middle of missions and the rejection of working concepts of the metroid (like dropping first-aid kits and cartridges from enemies, scanning weiser, morphball , solving riddles by obtaining new abilities while exploring the world, and not stupidly stocking up on special cartridges and first-aid kits before the mission, hoping to drop from chests that do not respawn, and so on). It's unrealistic to play alone without a half-demage mod. 

The chibiki and the costumes are ugly, but the gameplay doesn't piss off. The graphics look pretty - amazing. Good music.

I will test online co-op. In a local one, for some reason, often disconnect. 

Modified on September 4th, 2016 by ACE

Gau 31.10.21

Gorgeous game

Tinkino 31.10.21


Gau 31.10.21

@Tinkino how was yesterday? How long have you been running? 

lnkkn 31.10.21

: 57a8bd5bc0908_FROG8:

Gau 31.10.21

Andrey Emelyanov 

here you can search for the command :)

some may not have questioned yet :) - my brother, for example :) 

Andrey Emelyanov 31.10.21

Gau Thanks!


Guys, I would buy the game if there is a team of at least 3 people. Is there anyone ready for a full coop pass?

Changed on February 21, 2017 by Andrey Emelyanov

Gau 31.10.21

Andrey Emelyanov 

In general, some of my friends did not make it to the end :) again, my brother) 

I'm already pumped, of course) although I hardly touched the hard mode)


So, together with a friend we went through the campaign literally avidly - very diverse :) 

You can read our review here on the site :) 

I don’t remember Tinkino, did I interrogate ...? :)  

Tinkino 31.10.21

Gau finished it off. But hard did not try.

Gau 31.10.21

Tinkino I also haven't touched hard yet

I tried to play with my brother, but it turns out that I just lead him on the first missions)

At least create a new profile)