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Katanar 03.11.21 08:40 pm

What games did you play for show?

What games did you play just so that you don't really like the game, but you forced yourself to play it, because the game is popular, hit, and it was a pity not to pass it?)
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MunchkiN 616 03.11.21

my attitude to games changed in the process of passing and often at some point I started to play for show and then started to get high on the game for show or a legendary victory came and it seemed to me that the game was already good and passed. if the feeling of reverse thrust from the game was too strong, I dropped it and then came back after months and years and tried to hold out.
these were mostly old games where it was already difficult to enter the stream and get to know the game before I invented letsplay gaming. arx fatalis, witcher 1 and 2, perhaps, gothic 3 nvn1-2, dragon age origins and 2 replay passes, tes4 oblivion, heroes 5 Some other games, - I said it was necessary to oppose and tried and overcame when the couple failed. because it is necessary. I dropped some. then something from the era of Internet piracy, when I finally got access to games that I could not find and buy at one time in order to close the gestalt and then I invented the formula of PECK success that if the game does not pull in it to play nada urgently to play something else to the holiday never ended then I already played many games and not just RPG action games as in childhood. and the problem with passing games for show disappeared. I began to go through only very simple, not too remote games with auto-regeneration of health or cheats, or those games that I had already watched and I knew how I would go through myself. and it seems to me that I do not pass the game for show, and this is the gameplay itself that carries me to victory. secondly, I began to practice free gameplay. its concept is difficult to explain because it is not clear what has changed - formally, I went to explore locations and look at them for non-red purposes of complete loot of the world, but simply pressed the walk buttons and thought of something that these games were not, that is, I switched to a kind of extended meditative perception mode and not on the farm-directed combat meditation, like me, for example, in diablo, over and over again, 5 times a day, tightening the tub on the farm exp from a point. at some point I forgot how to play games in the mouse learning mode, when I collected data about games and their worlds and systematized designs, armor, mobs, weapons, elixirs, buildings, places, interfaces and other things, I just started playing games. but it was not long then I began to systematize the graaafooooon and check how it works. what shaders and technologies are in games and how to put it all together in order to make a twilight graphon game with grass and began to play everything that is a grafon.

Katanar 03.11.21

I also had moments that I played for show, the toad choked how not to go through such a legendary game if everyone liked it so much) Well, I never raped myself much, so that I was completely disgusted with the game, such immediately flew away from the disk) Well, there were games that weren't I wanted to play them, but forced myself. But there were also such games to my surprise that after an hour of the game I was drawn into it, and began to play with great interest. It seemed like I didn't like the game at first, and then after an hour or two, the game opened up and it's already hard to come off. But such games are a minority, for which you need time to like it, if you don't like it right away.

requiemmm 03.11.21

The Witcher 3? ShiDeVoR Thousands, almost like Kruzis, but without nanoposeons. But with excessively violent primary school students, for whom he was the first RPG in his life. A game in which really very successful city quests are diluted with about twenty hours of grinding monotonous orders and collecting chests with garbage.
Mass Effect 3. The corridor locations of the first part were masked by the scene, the second also spent 90% of the time walking through warehouses, buildings and ships - in the third they degenerated into a gut without branches, enclosed by invisible walls. In a number of places, a gay designer-addict decided that endless waves of enemies until the player reaches the trigger is fashionable and fresh. In general, this trash was overpowered to the fullest.
Oblivion. I bought it. Then the Islands. He braked hard on my car, had to wait until the upgrade. No mods. Autoleveling. You pumped up the hack, all the enemies pumped melee, magic and changed into better armor. My battle with a goblin of my level was legendary ... * Vietnamese flashbacks *
There is no point in remembering all kinds of non-name turkeys :)

RicoChico 03.11.21

AS Valhalla. I'm going to platinum. Filler to filler. I ran for 100 hours, I got sick of it already. The previous two parts were distracting at least with a plot or game mechanics. Everything is the same from region to region.
By the way, yes. ME3 and DAI. Both of them infuriated with their plot twists, and a drama you don't believe in.

Look like that's it. I already have an eye for it and from the trailers I understand what will come out in the end and whether it is worth playing.

Gott mit uns 03.11.21

Pretty much everything. Units for the sake of pleasure. The age of the golden pitch of gaming is long gone. The era of pitch chaos and exorbitant prices has come. But there are many divine projects of the beginning of the 2000s, which you want to go through to the bog until the end of the pitch of centuries!

_Irbis_ 03.11.21

There was no such game. I don’t like it - I don’t play. It doesn't matter who it is popular with.

Katanar 03.11.21

Right now I remembered the stalker game, for its time the game was really good. There was nothing to compare it with, almost the first game in the open world. And it was a really interesting first impression, in the open world in the Russian expanses, it was cool. And the graphics were good, atmospheric, and the main thing was the sound that influenced the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the game is outdated, and could not compete with modern games in the open world. Right now, by modern players, everything is visible beforehand, and you will not surprise with anything, everything is openly available, play whatever you want. And before you buy one game that you dreamed of, and you play until you blue in the face, with pleasure, because you didn't get too drunk)

ksasha97 03.11.21

COD: MW 2019 Until recently I didn’t believe that the single was so UG

Pecos_Bill 10.11.21

There were a lot of them, when you pass half and, as it were, you don't really like the game, but on the other hand, it's a pity to quit. So, purely for the list passed:
How to get a neighbor, delta force xtreme 1 and 2, fear 3, calll of Juarez the Cartel, Beyond Divinity, Sacred Underworld, Two Worlds and Assassin's creed Liberation

Spyder-man 10.11.21

I took it as a challenge, I do not regret it.

graphon express 10.11.21

I tried to play soulslikes for show, but it didn't work.

saa0891 10.11.21

What's the point of going through games for show, just a waste of time, the game either you like it and you play it or you don't like it and flies away from the screw.

Ethan Ridley 29.11.21

Everything in this life for show, have not yet created such a game that captivated me, my vision is a game in reality, where reality itself is a game, you need to cost the whole world a lot of realities.

VETER15 25.01.22


Keks 31.01.22

Never did anything like it. If you don't like the game, I delete it immediately. Why force yourself to go through it?

GERA1987 31.01.22

Fuck those.