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Reddington1371 10.11.21 04:46 pm

Will you buy the pc version of Quantum Break at launch? (Quantum Break)

I switch to 10k in case of forza horaison or new UFS comes out, so no, personally, I will not
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Prince of persia911 10.11.21

no well nafig games like new and space systems, so I pass by God Soul Mother

mister611 10.11.21

The game intrigued, I will buy it if the cost is not prohibitive.

st1g-210890 10.11.21

I wonder how much it will cost? And how do you pay?

Demon59901 10.11.21

No. I don't like Remedy enough to use the Windows Store.

your father111 10.11.21

no, I'm not a fan of how some of the shkalniks here vehemently showed themselves)

your father111 10.11.21

Lev Konstantinovich
what is the account? go create one more) woodpecker))))

Bigalex78 10.11.21

Prince of persia911
Don't drive normal systems !!!

Ben121212 10.11.21

Will you buy the pc version of Quantum Break at launch? - yes, because I have already pre-ordered for a box for a long time and it has been installed for a long time, but for 10 wines it seems like they should now be given for free ..., so I take it)

Evgeny Fedorchuk 10.11.21

anyway take

Shock Burst 10.11.21


saa0891 10.11.21

They would have sold it on Steam, I would have thought, because there is too much kints, but in this shitty service Mikey let them buy their games themselves.

I am Batman 10.11.21

Even during the announcement, the game was interesting, and I have no doubt in Remedy, but I don't want to take it from the Store, it has a lot of problems. Neither the price nor the system scares me, but only the fucking mother of his Store ..

deIIis 10.11.21

Store did not use and will not.

nikita2112 10.11.21

Neither at the start, nor later, I will not buy it at all.

EvgenyDMT 10.11.21

I will buy it on a torrent.

blin88 10.11.21

I will buy to love!

Alexey Zlobin 10.11.21

Juan to buy? Hmm, he's very weak. There is no sense in taking Juan, because all Xbox exclusives will be released on PC - this is your diagnosis of PC gaming. Moreover, Juan will pull Quantum Brake at 720p and probably 30 FPS

Alex coachman 10.11.21

And sho, is there a denuvo tunnels?

Alexey Zlobin
Just about. With the settings of Juan Quantum, any PC will pull at least 30 fps.

trustedSunbro 10.11.21

Alexey Zlobin
A top pitch of 15 fps. http://www.playground.ru/blogs/quantum_break/pk_versiyu_quantum_break_raskritikovali-187479/#comment-14743837

byteme 10.11.21

Why is everyone scolding the Store so?
Vice versa! Let it grow and gain strength, and be a strong competitor to Steam!
Here Gabin is fat and old. And if he has a heart attack and death. The company will go under the hammer to some bigwigs from Sony. And they will be all Steam users, twirl in one place as they want, and suck the money.
Briefly speaking. The lack of tough competition, in the long run, only harms the end consumer of a particular product, that is, you and me.
Let's better cheer for the development of a micro-soft eatery))
PS All good :)