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As a Wrangler, only better: all about new Jeep Gladiator pickup

It can be disassembled to frame, to drive into the wildest terrain, load motorcycles or bicycles or force to pull the house on wheels... it's All about new Jeep Gladiator, big brutal pickup on the base model Wrangler, which next year will come to Russia. And that's the most important thing you need to know about it.

The name Gladiator model appeared in the family Jeep at least twice: a pickup with that name was produced from 1962 to 1971, after which the model was named just J-Series and then released until the end of the eighties. Later, the Jeep brand became part of Chrysler, which decided not to create internal competition with Dodge pickups of similar size and J-Series went into hibernation for a decade and a half. Based on the design of the first "Gladiator" a few years ago was constructed a couple of very cool concepts — just look at them!

The name Gladiator sounded again in 2004 — the so-called prototype pickup based on the Wrangler SUV. And then he looked like a completely ready-to-series model. The car was equipped with A 2.8-liter turbo power of 167 HP and a six-speed mechanics, able to carry up to 680 kilograms of cargo.

Serial name Gladiator was only 14 years later, but the concept since the beginning of the prototype zero has not changed: in a Jeep took the Wrangler chassis of the new generation, they stretched the frame and put the cargo on Board. Yes, simple-minded, but Gladiator only benefit from this: it is as crazy as Wrangler.

First of all it concerns his ability to understand almost to the ground: as jeep Wrangler, a pickup truck, you can remove all doors and roof and fold the windscreen forward. And while it remains a truck.

Door hinges and windshield frame are mounted on the Torx, and the required size of sockets carved on the bodies of loops — a set of keys attached to the machine by default. The roof can be made of cloth, hard to threefold (two sections above the seats of the front row and one over the rear sofa, and each of them is removed separately). Will be able offhand to name even a single pickup that can do the same?

And if you remove all doors and roof, turning the body to the frame with a cargo platform, the Gladiator will seem not so big. However, in length he more than 5.5 meters! Gladiator is 78 inches longer than the Wrangler, and its wheelbase has grown by almost two feet. All this allowed not only to place the load platform length 1531 mm, without adding a large rear overhang, but also to make quite a spacious five-seat cabin. Gladiator — the first ever Jeep pickup truck with double cab and rear passenger space will not be offended.

Moreover, the back row here — not by a residual principle. Back seats develop in the ratio of 40:60, forming additional cargo area, and under the seats placed boxes for any small things, there are places for storage of the Jack and set of face attachments. At the back of one of the chairs hid another unusual detail Gladiator: wireless music column, which you can pull and make a small disco where you will climb.

The design also repeats the Gladiator Wrangler — up to the rear doors, truncated at the bottom. The SUV they are tapered from the rear wheel arch. The Gladiator also the wheel arch is to far back, but a wider opening to do not have cheaper.

Differences in the design only touched the grille, and then they will be able to recognize is that rabid fans: slightly changed the angle of inclination, and seven brand openwork grille are a bit wider. It is made to provide the most effective motor cooling, after all, designed for the carriage of heavy truck engine will often work under demanding conditions.

And about carrying capacity. Gladiator can take on Board up to 725 pounds of cargo and pull a trailer with a total weight of 3470 pounds in the Jeep say that it is the best indicator in the class. Curb weight of a pickup truck, depending on the modification reaches 2300 pounds. The sides of the cargo compartment is made of steel, and the rest of the bodywork is aluminum.

Steep four-wheel drive also went to "Gladiator" from Wrangler. More precisely, two all-wheel drive system. The first is called Command Trac and based on Junior modifications of Sport and Overland. This is part-time with the connection of the front axle, panigalli with a ratio of 2.7:1 and a mechanical locking rear differential.

The most advanced in terms of off-road ability version Rubicon is equipped with four-wheel drive Rock Trac. There are heavy-duty axles Dana 44 with an electronically cross-axle locks front and rear and the "creeping" of panjiakou with a ratio of 4:1. In addition, the version Rubicon more ground clearance (282 mm 254 mm for versions Sport and Overland) and better angles of entry and exit (43,4° vs 40,8° and 26° vs 25°, respectively).

And only engine range from Gladiator, and the Wrangler still there are differences. Wrangler is powered by either a 3.6-liter atmospheric V6 power 285 HP, or the two-liter turbo engine capacity of 272 HP At Gladiator pair 3.6-liter the engine will not be turbo, and three-liter diesel with 260 HP, but only in Europe. In USA alternatives atmosferico at all.

Not likely to be alternatives for the Russian market: the nuances of running Gladiator in Russia while only considering, but everything goes to the fact that we drive only the petrol version — and only with eight-speed automatic (for other markets proposes a six-speed manual).

In salon of differences from Gladiator Wrangler reduced to a single button: to the left of the steering wheel under the control module light hid the activation button 115 volt AC outlet in the cargo compartment. Everything else — like the recent Wrangler: sheer architecture of the front panel and chopped, utilitarian design. In terms of ergonomics seem unusual buttons Windows made with doors on the front panel (this is done to facilitate and simplify removable doors). Many of the buttons are rubberized, and USB and AUX inputs covered with large plastic covers.

Version Rubicon stylish control unit all-wheel drive, hidden behind the gear selector. It is highlighted in red, and the Central place it occupies wide tight toggle switch. Shaking it down, you can activate the rear mikolasko the lock and the up — turn lock on both axles. Next to him is a magic button that says Sway Bar. She opens the front stabilizer bar, increasing the suspension moves.

The truck has the uConnect multimedia system of the fourth generation with a display diagonal of 7 or 8.4 inch (depending on configuration), dual-zone climate control, Parking camera, led optics, adaptive cruise control, monitoring blind spots and more. And the Rubicon version — additional front camera with a washer nozzle that is useful off-road.

Of course, on a new Gladiator has a chance to work and the company Mopar, the traditional supplier of automotive accessories of the Alliance FCA. For pick-up collected a directory of two hundred items of additional equipment, including applications for the cargo compartment, fasteners for skis and bicycles, additional lighting and more. Now maybe this is what a pickup truck, hung with bells and whistles from Mopar:

In Russia the new Gladiator promised to bring in for 2020, but no specifics yet: it is known only about uncontested motor is 3.6. In America, for the basic version of the Gladiator asking 33545 dollars, and the top Rubicon will cost at least 43545 dollars (from 2.1 to 2.7 million).

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