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News and test-drives " Update BMW the fifth series will affect the motors and electronics

The headlights corrected the bottom edge and there are new led lights, similar to those we saw on the new third series. Grille if you grow up a bit. Not to the same extent as happened recently with "seven".

Sedan BMW the fifth series of the current (seventh) generation was presented in autumn 2016, and on sale only in February 2017. Two years of sales the car is not up to date. So a facelifted version of the Bavarians will only show closer to the end of 2020. But now photospin brought the first images of the updated model. Rather, early prototype.

Lights will be replaced and those that are visible under the film seem even older. Interesting moment: the words "Hybrid test vehicle", the charging flap on the left front fender and sealed with nameplate E Drive say that in front of us benzoelektrosila version. But exhaust pipes then the 540i.

A number of innovations on "the five" the Bavarians have implemented without waiting for restyling. For example, the model M550i xDrive since July of this year got an upgraded nadobno "eight" 4.4 return in 530 HP, 750 Nm instead of 462 HP and 650 Nm at the previous engine. And the hybrid 530e power reserve without running the engine increased from 45 to 61 to 66 km with rear wheel drive and in addition appeared optional full (he left 55-58 km).

Rechargeable from the mains in hybrids, according to the development plan for the BMW are an important part of the range of power plants, and "five" in particular. So modification 530e (2.0, combined performance 252 HP, 420 Nm) could obtain some improvement, becoming 535e. Expected from other additives enhanced multimedia complex.

While the paparazzi were filming sedan from the curb, one of the testers took a picture of photospin.

And yet we can not exclude the extension of the range of the fifth series due to charge from the wall outlet version 545e, built on the basis inline petrol "six" 3.0, as the model 745e. In the seventh series of the combined impact of such a system is equal to 394 HP and 600 Nm, and in the fifth may have different settings. While fully electric "five" can not wait. The Germans explained: although such a pilot sample has already been created and tested, it need only for testing the filling of other battery models. Can occur and loss: under the threat model BMW M550d xDrive (400 HP, 760 Nm). The Bavarians recently announced that they want to discontinue quadrotriticale 3.0. Though not marked the time of his resignation.

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