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Overgrown clones Baojun 530 will soon change appearance

"Five hundred and thirties" made its debut on the Chinese market in February 2018 and has managed in less than a year to find 116 324 of the owner. Now the demand has fallen: after the shock of January (implemented 11 201 machine) there is a monthly decline of up to 5000-6000 units.

While the audience outside of China examined clones of Baczyna 530 (which is the Chevrolet Captiva, Wuling and Almaz MG Hector), a joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling improved the original model. Aspirated 1.8 (137 HP) pushed to the sidelines. Left alone the turbo 1.5 was modernized and is now available in two types: old (147 HP) and updated (151 HP).

The former torque (250 Nm), but available earlier from 1600-3600 rpm vs 2200-3400. "Robot" with two clutches and six-speed "mechanics" is only preserved under the old motor. With the new rules the CVT. And all this quietly, without restyling. However, the exterior of the crossover will change soon.

Narrow running lights stretched out in a line and connected. The extended grid was homogeneous in structure. Of simplified front bumper is missing the C-shaped elements. The lights in the rear bumper, on the contrary, decoupled. Instead of a forked release and protective plate sticking out of the curved pipe, but it depends on the version. Surcharge trapezoidal exhaust back in place.

This Baojun RS-5, brother "five hundred and thirtieth." With the powertrain it has the same mess. But if the SUV with the upgraded turbo engine is from a 96 800 yuan, then continue for a thousand more. The model 530, on the contrary, the older version is cheaper: 78 800 88 800.

Bazzoni different model years quietly coexist in the same showcase, began to be restyled Baojun 530 will not replace but will complement its predecessor. About the clones, too, need to remember, they are not rebuilt overnight. However, c "robot" mark continues to say goodbye: July 22, announced that the subcompact is a best-seller Baojun 510 (whose sales will soon strike a note of 800 000 units) switched to the continuously variable transmission CVT. By the way, for 2018 GM sold in China and 3.6 million vehicles.

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