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Crossover Mercedes-Benz GLA will get a version with charging

The Mercedes GLA has all the chances to get cute. Even though it resembles their closest relatives, in some details it differs from them.

Model Mercedes-Benz GLA second generation we have seen in testing in heavy disguise and without rear doors. Now on the road to photospin got the final version. Before the public he shows up in the new year. And while adding new data to make predictions about the features of a small SUV.

Compare the profile of GLA a-class. It is clear that the SUV completely different opening rear doors and back front (a split line then indistinguishable due to masking, but in the original frame of five thousand pixels it is visible perfectly — and it's different). The hood looks shorter, but high.

The scale and angle of the brethren in the collage above is not quite the same. But we would say that the new GLA in length will be identical with the"Ashkali" (4.42 m), and hence the past generation GLA. In the absence of growth makes sense, because now podstupenki higher in the range of models is beginner GLB (4,63 m).

Lights from GLA original in form, but luminous polygons were associated with GLB.

Judging by recent A-class, the engines from the GLA will cover a far greater range of capacities than previously. Conservative seem to be diesel OM 608 1.5 (95 and 116 HP). A further range of petrol and diesel units 1.33 and 2.0 will run until the hot top performances GLA 45/45 S c turboservice 2.0 M 139 (387 HP, 480 N•m/421 HP, 500 N•m). Acceleration S-variations to hundreds can be predicted approximately at the level of the hatchback A 45 S (3,9 c) or the universal CLA 45 Shooting Brake S (4.0 s).

The interior is similar to the decoration of all splattermania, starting with the A-class, but most of all — to the GLB (especially the tunnel). Find the differences in the design of the front panel in front of the passenger and doors.

And yet cars will be hybrid version with charging from the wall, reports Autoevolution and says: in it, according to rumors, will be implemented by the electric four-wheel drive, that is, with a separate motor on the rear axle. The same insiders have tipped the A-class, however, there is no question of a full drive does not go. They have in common, obviously, should be 1.33 petrol turbo, front motor, integrated in a box-"robot", and the battery is 15 kWh, which is enough for about 60 km speed without running the engine.

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