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How many games did you complete in 2022?

The most anticipated game of 2023?

How do you feel about the classics?

Not fully loading graphics card (Hogwarts Legacy)

gigabyte 1650 super

The failure and closure of Google Stadia

LED backlight for TV

bus overclocking 12400f

Video card connection.

BIOS password not reset

It is impossible to achieve stability on the Radeon.

temperature problem

The problem when overclocking the monitor

What about FPS? (The Callisto Protocol)

Help with choosing accessories

Blue screens in games Ryzen 7 5800X

How to make friends with RAM 4 + 4 + 8 + 8

Freezes very much on startup (Dark Souls 3)

Rx 6600xt pulse not pulling furmark

60 FPS picture is not smooth

What do you prefer to play games on?

I need help, the internet is lagging.

Same servers for steam and epics (Death Stranding)

Not bad to ship the graphics card 100% ?

Did not allow to raise a partner (PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS)

How many games did you complete in 2022?

Why such large memory delays?

My computer is heating up (PC Building Simulator)

Dust filter.


Purchasing the game on Steam (Atomic Heart)

The most anticipated game of 2023?

Freezing and flickering in games.

Help with assembly

Gaming monitors

Game optimization (A Plague Tale: Requiem)

What is your reaction speed?

Dead hang/black screen/restart etc

! AVX2! (Atomic Heart)

Sound problem with bluetooth headphones

After buying a new RX 6600 video card, friezes appeared

GPU load jumps in load 0-100

Orbital assault not working in soulstorm

FPS drops on a good PC (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey)

How to play Galaxy on fire 3 in 2022? (Galaxy on Fire 2)

Information about the game (Escape from Tarkov)

Freezes when riding a motorcycle (Days Gone)

Powercolor Red Dragon V2 RX 480 (Thermal Pad Problem)

What is your processor capable of?

What are you playing now? v.9

RX 6650 xt and 240Hz monitors

uses 3 instead of 6 GB video card

Power Supply

MSI afterburner

Problem with GPU and CPU load (Rust)

Low score (Diablo Immortal)

The postponement of the release date of the game (Atomic Heart)

Stalker 2 is back in ru-Steam (STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl)

HELP!!! GPU loads in games by 100%

items not appearing in inventory (Rocket League)

Adaptive Sync in Monica settings - what is it?

GTX1650 4Gb gets very hot

1650 Gigabyte how does cooling work?

help very freezes in games

The temperature of the CPU in MSI Afterburner

does steam work for you?

Ryzen 5 5600x

cap of invisibility (Kenshi)

Memory cannot be read (Elden Ring)

Do you read lore text in games?

Freezes, low FPS, unloadable

fps drops in gta 5rp (Grand Theft Auto 5)

PC Estimated Cost

YouTube lags when Discord is enabled

Rx 6600 xt video card frequency drops

Beginner Questions (Dying Light 2: Stay Human)

What one computer??? v.8

Will it work on this PC? (Dying Light 2: Stay Human)