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lapwing mouse

Game Performance (Gotham Knights)

National Unity Day 2022!

\"Do you smoke?\"

I want to gain muscle mass

What games should every gamer play?

temperature Aorus rx 580 8gb

Game optimization (Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

Memory temperature on GeForce 2080ti 100 degrees

Using Windows XP in 2021?

help me choose

Club of those over 35

Game optimization (A Plague Tale: Requiem)

FPS dropped sharply in Novigrad

The future of the gaming industry

Will it work on my pc

What games do you have installed?


What are you playing now? v.2

Do you read lore text in games?

AMD FSR 2.0 update

2022 is in the yard, but they forgot about FSR and DLSS...

Should a person grow up?

Friezes in games.

DX12 vs DX11 vs Vulkan

Problems with RTX on 3060

Crashed on DX 12

Which is harder Elden Ring or Sekiro?

Will it pull?

What old games have you played in recent times?

Game optimization

Mafia Optimization: Definitive Edition (Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven)

Comparison of two PC builds

Does the PC case affect anything?

Transferring saves

What games have you played the most once in your life?

Game impressions

What's with the pirate?

This Game Requires Windows 10 version 1909

Long in-game loading between locations, rooms

Fight depression.

Tracing - Game crashes after turning it on

Difference between SSD and HDD

Denuvo (Saints Row (2022))

PC game experience

RTX crashes

After buying a new RX 6600 video card, friezes appeared

Blue screen of death crashes (Watch_Dogs 2)

Optimization (The Bureau: XCOM Declassified)

Ode to the BEST game!!! (Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

Which version of rtx3070ti is the best?

Disgusting save system only on pirates? (Mad Max)

Optimization (Stray)

Game Experience (Stray)

How to talk to the girl

Graphics (Sniper Elite 5)

Hangups (Assassin's Creed: Origins)

Game Time (Resident Evil: Village)

Problem starting Watch Dogs: Legion (Watch Dogs: Legion)

Can't set Russian language (Far Cry 6)

PC turns off while playing games

Shocking Animation (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Discussion of optimization (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

High latency (90,100 NS) How to downgrade?

When will they hack? (Marvel's Spider-Man)

FSR2.0 on RTX (Cyberpunk 2077)

That eats fps? (GreedFall)

How do you like the game in 2021? (Warface)

Should I upgrade my video card?

Game Impressions (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy)

Pirate Freezes on loading (Watch Dogs: Legion)

RTX 2080 ti low read speed

Changed GTX 1650 D6 OC 4G to RX6500 XT

Your first game you played on PC? v.3

Optimization (Oxide Room 104)

Resolution bug (Dying Light)

Change RX6700XT to rtx3080 (or am I mad?)

Optimization on PC (Days Gone)

Freezes when riding a motorcycle (Days Gone)