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The most addictive game

How do you feel about old games?

What game would you like to upgrade your computer for?

The most confusing levels in games

Most Emotional Games

What games released in 2017 have you played?

What is your last completed game? v.9

So what color is the dress?

the funniest Persian (The Witcher)

What games do you have installed?

What is your last completed game? v.9

Freezes and lags, how to fix? (Mortal Kombat X)


And what has changed over these 10 years?

Online game.

The questions and answers. (Path of Exile)

Optimization (DiRT Showdown)

Optimization (Just Cause 2)

Introduction to the computer

Your impressions of the game (Hatred)

I had a dream today...

OPTIMIZATION (Need for Speed: Rivals)

Who launched on what hardware? (Dying Light)

Is time travel possible?

Technical issues v.1 (Dead Space 3)

What PC are you going to play on? (Resident Evil 6)

GTA IV on laptops (Grand Theft Auto 4)

The best childhood memories

Does it fit X32? (Murdered: Soul Suspect)

How to get rid of games for the summer?

How do you feel about RYTP?

Bought a tablet. What to do with him now?

Game Expectations (Alan Wake 2)

Shay vs. Connor (Assassin's Creed: Rogue)

Do you regret being born in Russia?

Writes such an error (Battlefield: Hardline)

your worldview

How best to pump Arno (Assassin's Creed: Unity)

Discussion of the future game (Until Dawn)

What do you expect from the game? (Mad Max)


Beta update 2 (Batman: Arkham Knight)


Which side are you on?

How often did you have to fight?

Optimization (PC) (Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes)

10 mistakes when choosing a life path

Black screen in beta (Star Wars: Battlefront (2015))

Are strategies extinct?

What will happen to torrent trackers?

Licensed version or pirated version? (Fallout 4)

Doctor, I want to whine for 10 minutes

Your internet speed

How are we going to develop? (Fallout 4)

Death of Kinopoisk

Will there be Outlast 2? (Outlast)

What do you expect from the game? (Fallout 4)

Beta Impressions (Star Wars: Battlefront (2015))

Who read the Fables comics? (The Wolf Among Us)

Artists (Fallout 4)

GTX750Ti and GTX560Ti (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

We share our opinions. (The Last Remnant)

About New Year and some kind of sadness

Game Impression (Victor Vran)

Deadpool - waiting for the movie! (Deadpool)

Alone do I hate new year?

Alan Wake 2 on PC (Alan Wake 2)

New Years is soon

What Reminds You of the Fallout Universe (Fallout 3)

Life on an ice planet (Dead Space 3)

When will the batteries last longer than a day?

The phone you are using

Climate change in the world

Release date for Blood and Wine (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)