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Six-year-old history forever closed the casino in GTA Online.

There is probably no more painful topic for fans of GTA Online than "that" casinos in Vinewood. The rumors that this location will become playable appeared in 2013 when it launched itself GTA Online for last generation consoles. Many players often drove up to this establishment, in order to check for any changes once the casino building or the location around it, but there it continued to hover unchanged the sign "Opening Soon".

Years passed by... Rockstar has released for multiplayer a lot of different updates — we were incorrigible Bank robbers, smugglers, stuntmen, owners of the nightclub, and even the Savior of the world. However, casino nothing came out... Fans of GTA Online was already desperate, because the game is almost six years and there is a possibility that they did not wait for the opening of this casino. But 6 Jun 2019 year there was something really incredible: the sign "Opening Soon" disappeared and some items around the casino changed its location.

And now, 23 July 2019, Rockstar released for GTA Online new update: "a Casino hotel Diamond". Players are waiting for gambling with high stakes, luxury penthouses, the finest booze, and other content on relevant topics. All this is really cool and you can congratulate all the players who so eagerly waited for the opening of the casino. But have you ever thought about where all this started? That supported all these years the players of GTA Online hope that casino door is still open?

It all began with update Beach bum the first update for GTA Online. Fans were hoping for the opening of the casino from the first days after the launch of the multiplayer in October 2013, but the first real clues pointing to this possibility is found in the audio files of "customarily" GTA Online.

You can hear Lester cross, one of the Central characters in GTA 5 and GTA Online quest giver, says the following phrase: "Hey, I heard that the city opened a casino. Say, pretty fun place. Why don't you go there?". In addition to the found audio files on the news page updates "Beach bum" developers pointed to "exciting new updates for story mode", which, apparently, was supposed to come out in the near future.

Let's move to early 2014, the year when TezFunz2 published on GTAForums pretty interesting line of codein which was found a hint of a casino, as well as plans for the story additions for GTA 5. From them it became known that they planned to release a Supplement with Trevor in the lead role and Supplement with zombies.

These additions were to become some kind of expansion for playing cards. They have had plans to recycle 80 or 90 percent of the game's world to match a certain theme. One of the episodes in addition was supposed to happen during a zombie Apocalypse. Rockstar would change the whole map, but would that fit the zombie theme.

Okay, get away from the zombies and talk about content with Trevor. According to the same TezFunz2, one of the episodes of the additions were based on the end of Trevor in GTA 5, which began to operate with Central control intelligence (LRC or IAA in the original). Later, in may 2015, TezFunz 2 gave the audience even more interesting findings. In accordance with the found information in a future addition the main characters were supposed to Rob a casino — all in the style of the movie "ocean's Eleven".

And all anything, but in 2017, Imran Sarwar, design Director of Rockstar Games, in an interview with the editors of GameInformer said that there were no additions to the story campaign of GTA 5 is not planned. Of course, this news has disappointed a lot of fans the last part of GTA. Have Yan2295 have an explanation for why this happened:

The casino was supposed to appear in the story campaign of GTA 5 and GTA Online. However, many of you probably already know that the story DLC has been cancelled, for which we can thank the success of GTA Online.

TezFunz2 suggests that the achievements from this DLC to the end, was redesigned to a content update for GTA Online.

It turns out, some of the updates for GTA Online that we have received in 2017 and 2018, based on a never released story addition for GTA 5.

The most striking example of such "processing" according to TezFunz2 is to update the "judgment day". Despite the fact that there is no casino, you have to cooperate with the previously mentioned the LRC and to use the services artificial neural networks "Clifford", a name that became known to dig up information about the casino from 2015.

After the statement of the Director of design Rockstar, it became clear that the company is apparently shifted your focus from the development of story content for GTA 5 on the maintenance and improvement of its multiplayer component, whose popularity continued to grow, for which we can thank the update Chain. Plus, don't forget that GTA Online was to bring fabulous income from the sale of payment cards. Obviously, it was a stunning move for developers and publishers: GTA 5 became the best selling entertainment product in history in 2018.

Yan2295 and TezFunz2 believe that the incredible success of GTA Online was the reason for the postponement of the release of casino. How can you recreate a realistic gambling in the game, which is already filled with microtransactions, and not get into problems because of the law about gambling? Answer: Red Dead Online.

Update casino was delayed, the reason for payment cards. Legislation in some regions would consider the network game of gambling entertainment, especially given the fact how many children and teenagers play GTA Online. But not so long ago they still found ways to circumvent these restrictions and, as we all saw, gambling was added to Red Dead Online.

In the case of Red Dead Online you use the in-game currency on gambling and buying gold bars via micropayments. Additional currency provides extra protection for Rockstar from problems with the law, although not all regions or countries, as some of them can not tolerate gambling as a phenomenon.

Yet Rockstar keep silent on the topic of a new currency, so it is not yet clear which refer to gambling casino players GTA Online. Anyway years of discussion on the forums and the endless mining came to an end. But ask yourself: is it worth the update so many years of waiting and will not disappoint whether it is loyal fans of multiplayer? Well, the update of "Casino Diamond" was released a few days ago — wait...

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