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It seems the drygatel is covered - Toyota Will VS, 1.8 L, 2001

I stood last night at the traffic light turns green, I touch ... I pass a few meters and fork stalling, trying to make ... is not got, mileage 104500
Open the hood and under the hood is very hot, there literally could fry pancakes ... is overheated ? But it did not give an engine error… that is. she gave no error at all.
After standing for 30-40 minutes, the plug still started up, and on our own we drove to the service, a tapping appeared in the engine, having arrived at the service in the morning, find out what happened, I was told to wait until tomorrow, because there is no master today, in general, what happened is not clear,
According to some forecasts ... something with the piston, judging by the nature of the knock, I will wait for tomorrow morning, in addition to everything, in this bustle I lost my phone ... I don't feel very well ((
I got shorter (((((and it seems concretely (((
One only pleases ... today is my official last working day, but on Monday I will have to come to the office again ... transfer all the cases, because I arrived at work today only at lunchtime ( (

Mileage: 104,500 km
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Katerina41rus 15.01.21

I changed oil 6 thousand ago, she does not eat oil, there was no overheating, I looked at the temperature, everything was normal, but the only thing I noticed yesterday ... when you twist up to 6 thousand ... hot air hit
my legs when I tried to start it, the starter did not spin

CSmoke 15.01.21

Most likely overheating ... although how did you not notice it ...
and did you change the oil for a long time?
My engine knocked, then I drove another 8,000 km on it =) ... and they capitalized it for me for 5000 including the cost of spares ... so don't worry, everything will be fine =) Williks do not make fun of it so easily =)

Katerina41rus 15.01.21

and I sincerely hope


I hope everything works out.

CSmoke 15.01.21

Don't worry ... our swallows have reliable hearts!
Be sure to write about the results!
And a speedy recovery!