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Replacement pads - Toyota Corolla, 1.5 L, 1997

Replacement pads - Toyota Corolla 15 L 1997

The front pads began to creak and gnash. Since the rear pads had not changed for a long time (more than two years, probably), I decided to change them too.

Front pads (Kashiyama)
Rear pads (Kashiyama)

Price: 1100r

Work: 1000r

Price tag: 2 100 ₽ Mileage: 198 500 km
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HaKeRoK 15.01.21

I still had it from Japan, though it was almost rubbish, I will have to look and buy ... otherwise the new pads have a script (

vitya-13 15.01.21

did you put "anti-creak" plates on the front pads?

HaKeRoK 15.01.21

at the next replacement of the pads, then I will definitely change it) at the same time I will save at work, I would have changed it myself, but there is nothing to put the cylinder back so that the pads fit (

vitya-13 15.01.21

I have them scattered in my hands, new ones cost 700 rubles + work + time.
and without them somehow not comme il faut. :)