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stage number 1 - Toyota Crown, 2.0 l., 1996

stage number 1 - Toyota Crown 20 l 1996

big changes are coming ...
that planned will not tell you ...
what will you get ...
as they say will not be worse ...
began to say so with the simplest ...
decided to change the brake discs and pads ...
old drives very much curves were ...
and the pads wear out unevenly ...
I decided change everything at once ... I
took the wheels with a larger diameter ...
and the pads are a little wider ... to
be honest, I think it won't give big changes ...
but still ...
while the brakes were pumping, I decided to remove the catalyst ...
how it turned out, it hasn't changed since the birth of this car ... the whole mesh was stuffed with something black ... our domestic gasoline is doing its not a good deed ... thought, thought, and punched it in FIG! =)

stage number 1 - Toyota Crown 20 l 1996stage number 1 - Toyota Crown 20 l 1996stage number 1 - Toyota Crown 20 l 1996stage number 1 - Toyota Crown 20 l 1996
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JonyJ 15.01.21

Did you feel the difference in dynamics? :-)

Yarik5322 15.01.21

not really ... more in fuel consumption ... liters decreased by 2 ... no more

Demon74 15.01.21

just took it off and cleaned it, i.e. knocked everything off him?

Yarik5322 15.01.21

yeah =)) though the smell became a domestic car =) like the Volga

Yarik5322 15.01.21

in Kr-ke the store is "Autotrade" the original turned out to be too expensive, took a new Korean analogue, no complaints =)

SimbaDrums 15.01.21

Where did you get the brake discs? I just need to change all 4