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Replacing the taillight - Toyota Camry, 2.4L, 2005

After celebrating the wedding in my entrance, in the morning I was very surprised that the rear lamp of my car was cracked. Unfortunately, I did not see the moment when it was somehow broken, so there is no one to present it to. In general, armed with glue and tape, the headlight was more or less assembled, it was not even visible from the outside. But since I want to see a clear aesthetic appearance of the car, a taillight was ordered, it comes assembled without lamps only. As a result, the wedding of the neighbors cost me almost 4 rubles, the headlight arrived today and was replaced with a new one. Here is such a sad story, unfortunately there is no photo, it’s just not when I was photographed when it was changed. Replacement, by the way, requires only a 10 key, preferably a cap and everything in theory, 3 nuts and the headlight removed, it was even surprising that everything is so simple)

Price tag: 4 000 ₽
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Karpo 15.01.21

4,000 Is this a headlamp with installation? Or did you set it yourself?

cuba96 15.01.21

there are 3 nuts for 10 and the whole replacement, 3300 is a headlight