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Again ... - Toyota Crown, 2.5 L, 1995

Again it ... just put a gearbox, a new viscous coupling ... got fines for transit ... and here ...
Everything is like a year ago ... I drive up to the store - and where are the documents? but no ((I
stopped at the kiosk to buy a can of cola, noticed a guy who was spinning next to me, and then ran to the bus, well, the bus came and came, because it happens ... who knew that this pedestrian and lover of public transport was with me wallet stibrit ... and with it the TCP and the rights ... now again to restore everything. It's good at least I left my passport at home ...

Mileage: 154,000 km
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Armed 15.01.21


mumia 15.01.21

Even some! Straight sadness ... ETOGES have to pay fines buit ... 2400 ... after all ...

Armed 15.01.21

when did you manage to get so many fines?)

mumia 15.01.21

this is for transits ((

Armed 15.01.21

let's restore the docks, I want to check out new music with a sub with you)

Yarik5322 15.01.21

do not be sad ...
at least you sleep @ dil!
and I myself ... two years ago on stupidity about @ ball!
here it’s just annoying ... =)
new music with a sub? tell me where "tambourine" stuck?

mumia 15.01.21

New only 10ki in the doorway, and a subwoofer! )) Well, and also a radio tape recorder with MP3 and other wonderful things!))

mumia 15.01.21

Because the car was not registered! So the TCP was with me (((

antixaka 15.01.21

Nah PTS with you then carry? I have a friend, so he absolutely carries all his docks in his wallet! I'm talking about ... and homeless people)))