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Rear seats altered - Toyota Corolla, 2.0 L, 1997

Rear seats altered - Toyota Corolla 20 L 1997

finally found 2 days and here's the result.
of course not quite perfect (the machine would be more powerful)

Rear seats altered - Toyota Corolla 20 L 1997 Price tag: 1,500 ₽ Mileage: 4,000 km
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BRlAN 15.01.21

well, there the color is similar, and the material is dermontin!)))

darkelf777 15.01.21

yeah, wooden king's seats are not much different from penny ones))

BRlAN 15.01.21

damn it, my grandfather has exactly the same penny! Really! No offense ...

darkelf777 15.01.21

Well then fine)))

chir 15.01.21

Thank you! not so conceived Schaub frowned))))

darkelf777 15.01.21

you have excellent siduhi;)
I would have thought of something else with doors so that it does not wrinkle so much (put a synthetic winterizer, try it;))

I wanted to do siduhi with a line, but the machine is weak - it does not take more than 2 layers of leather

chir 15.01.21

good!) well done!) look at my salon) if hosh

darkelf777 15.01.21

Of course. nafig someone to ask to pay money. better to do it yourself. a normal tool and could be done beautifully))

rav90 15.01.21

Sanya, did you sew yourself?)))