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Le Gaspilleur

What do you think of the paid subscription?

Dumb AntiMat

What file host do you use?

Russian localization (Life is Strange)

I am looking for a program to optimize my PC.

Mystery :)

Thank you PG

Problems related to PG

Deceleration of time or acceleration of the brain

gamescon 2015

Edge of Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence


tell us about yourself

Engravings, inscriptions on weapons (swords, daggers, axes, etc.)

My ISP, not a man is a pig. (whining)

The best childhood memories

Funny stories and funny incidents from life

How to download video on PG?

How would you respond to the request "Let me smoke"?

How do you feel about RYTP?

Why do people do anything for money?

What torrent client are you using?

How to get rid of a girl for the summer?

How to say a phrase in Russian? *Help with English*

Need ideas for a game portal layout

galactic prison

Question about gravity

Energy-saving lamps

How to become a game designer?

What do you expect from the game? (Mad Max)


Favorite food

What is the most melodic language?

Pirate vs. licensed

Celebrities on PG

Public place

The smell of caramel and raspberry

Gentlemen, please help me with a choice !!!

Your vices

Which side are you on?

How to save yourself from the heat

How do I earn bonuses?

About the attitude towards homosexuality

How often did you have to fight?

Energy-saving lamps

Feline family: an unexpected journey

Correct brewing of tea

Don't want to buy a product?

Game recording software

Second Hand

Recommend a pet for a child

A strange dream.

The people will pull. (Assassin's Creed: Unity)

Girly avatars ?!

Frightening "living" portrait

I can not fall asleep

Do I need sex

How do you feel about teetotal people?

Is it harmful to play games?

PG Vision 2015 (Discussion)

Your Halloween attitude ....

Which headphones are less harmful?

Let's get acquainted

Bastards, Lurkomorye, what's next?

Are residents returning to Pripyat?

The phone you are using

If you tell a girl about your feelings ...

Describe your sex life with the title of the game

How much would you like to earn?

Where did your avatar come from?

If your ears get cold in the cold ...

How to beat the toy machine?


Giveaway for April 1st !!!

What would you do?

Fool and money. What are the features?

Imagine the situation ...

Do good.

The game. Tricky question.

The games that choose us.


Gamepad (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

All dialogs disappeared in Outlook

And what are you "treated" with?