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100 best books according to the BBC

You hate people who...

Why students don't read?

Test: who are you, assassin or Templar?

What gave you the PG?

What is your preferred language?

How many games you passed?

the games that you were most times

How do you see The Elder Scrolls VI

10 games in which have to play everyone!

As the years went changing skill of your game

What are you playing now? v.8

TOP 10: your choice. Best game locations

In what animal year were you born?

The most complicated levels in the game

How many times have you completed the game? (The Witcher)

And how many books you read in 2015?

Advise of any game with turn-based battles.

Looking for a book

Tiesto vs. Armin - who is cooler?

plans for today

The shoutbox - where is she ?


What's your favorite movie Clint Eastwood?

Porn or sport

The most hellish and meat albums metal bands

Marvell. What super hero would you be?

Favorite mission (Devil May Cry)

The most dramatic scene (Devil May Cry)

Tournament (Devil May Cry)

Garrett!!! (Thief: Deadly Shadows)

Most favorite mission (Devil May Cry 2)

The weapons in the game (Devil May Cry 2)

Share opinions (The Elder Scrolls: Arena)

what's your ideal wife or girlfriend?

TOP 10: your choice. Games with the best replay value

The longest game

Who will you play? (Fallout 4)

What game world do you like best?

How to download videos from Playground.ru?

What to put on laptop?

Impressions of the game (Assassin's Creed: Rogue)

Psychiatrist v2

Iacto Swim (Icewind Dale 2)

Terribly slow game! (Icewind Dale 2)

C what do you associate with summer?

How to become a professional player?

Selling the soul

5 Games.


If life's gonna be a RPG?


What game you most often play?

Top artifacts in Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim)

Game (Beyond Divinity)

Old knight's armor (Gothic 2)

Poll: Who chose which side? (The Witcher)

Is your favorite school subject

What resolution are You playing?

\"Your Dreams\".

Mass depression youth

Quickly lose interest in games, did you ever have that?

How is the mood in the game?

Assassins truth or fiction?

The gift which you have always dreamed of

What causes people to use pirated games?

Whence we come?

Why Eddard stark tried to take from Frodo the Ring?

The passage of time (Gothic 3)

Your first computer disk

how do you make games or that is connected with it?


What kind of people and monsters hate in G3 (Gothic 3)

What you have on the clock?

The disadvantages of the game. (Call of Juarez)

Your attitude to hares?

Plutocracies NG

Game over?

Best game soundtrack

As you 1st time zaparoli the game (story). (Gothic 3)

Anyone have any armor? (Gothic 3)