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JB007: Nightfire

Unreal Tournament 2004

Half-Life: Source

Quake 3

Project snowblind

Area 51

Quake 4

Dead island

Best First Person Shooter.



Peter Jackson's King Kong

Uncle Vanya !!! Yeah!

Slave zero

Would you play a game like this?

Gulty Gear XX midnight carnaval


Bloodrayne 2

Ultimate Spider-Man

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


Metal Gear Solid - The Movie


Def Jam: for For Ny

50 Cent: Bulletproof

Ratchet Clank: Size Matters

PN 03

Original Metal Gear comic

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Bullet witch

God of war: collection

Siphon filter

Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory

God of war ii

Mortal kombat: shaolin monks

Mortal kombat 3-sega

Online web games

Bounce symphony

Fourth Soul Calibur 2 Tournament

Why is it worth taking an xbox?

The most interesting opponents

Mortal combat deception

What gameplay elements ruined your game

Male sex symbol


Name all hits and just good games on xbox.

Your top 10 Gc games

What are you playing on Ps2?

Original games coming out in the foreseeable future.

The newest sex symbol in the game world 2.

TimeZero is a new generation free online game

What do you expect from Gta on Ps 3?

Coolest character in the industry

Complete Games Walkthroughs

what is the hardest game for you?

Devil May Cry: Trilogy

Games for mobile phones.

Most anticipated games.

The Cyberpunk genre in games

Which game music do you like best?

What is important to you in games?

The newest sex symbol in the gaming world

Best Contemporary Platformer

Disgusting penguin! (flash game)

Best Game of 2004!

What's the best gaming brand on PS2?

The Best Game for Playstation 2!

Most Anticipated PC Games of 2008

Girly games

The most anticipated game of 2008.

Your attitude to the number of weapons in games.

Games with the best storyline (all platforms).

How much time do you spend on games?

(Poll) best game intro

Your favorite city in GTA San Andreas?

What's the publisher of the best PS2 games?

The coolest graphics game on PS 2

King of the license

Coolest character from games

The best PSone games according to members of the forum

We quote cool and funny phrases from games

How many times have you completed the game?

The hardest game

What's your favorite genre?

Your Top10 Ps2 Games

What are you playing now?