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Safety the priority as drivers choose Toyota.

Worldwide total number of cars sold with a TSS (inthe key of Lexus Safety System +, Lexus Safety System + A) in 2015 reached 10 million units.

The package of active safety systems Toyota Safety Sense helps to avoid or reduce the severity of the impact and injuries arising from road accidents. It includes several subsystems: an automatic switching beam in the middle, warning of unintentional crossing road markings, warning about the threat of a frontal collision. Complete the list of features cruise control, which allows to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead, the system of recognition and awareness of road signs and a system of monitoring and reporting driver fatigue.

On the Russian market Toyota Safety Sense was first introduced with the launch of the model Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in 2015, and since then, the model is the leader in number of sold cars with TSS. Almost 22 000 copies sold of this legendary SUV is equipped with a package of active safety systems, accounting for 61% of all sales of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 over this period.

Next in the lineup of Toyota TSS got a Toyota RAV4that was sold in the amount 4932 units, which is 5.5% of the total number of copies sold, the Toyota Highlander (1417 sold cars with TSS, the proportion of the total — 83%) and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (2778 sold cars with TSS, the proportion of the total amount —14.6 percent).

In April 2018 in the Russian market there was a new Toyota Camry, received a package of active safety systems are already second generation. Warning system of a frontal collision (PCS) was supplemented with the function of recognition of pedestrians and automatic braking. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) of the second generation now operates throughout the speed range, including full stop, and driving in traffic, and alert system change lanes (LDA) if necessary return the vehicle in the lane delicate steering input. In addition, the ability of the driver complements the system of the circular review with four cameras, projecting like panorama and dynamic types.

Since the launch of the new Toyota Camry in April 2018 more than half of buyers (53%) chose the model in specifications of Safety — 13 882 units.

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