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The largest tournament for Dota 2 has broken the prize Fund of World Cup Fortnite - more than 30 000 000 $

The prize Fund in the main Dota 2 The International 2019 has already surpassed the prize pool of the World Cup on Fortnite, which amounted to 30 000 000 $.

Tournament The International Dota 2 is one of the most important tournaments in eSports. 18 teams will battle it out for 10 days to tear a piece from juicy prize pool — it is almost completely funded by the fans, by the way. 25% of sales of the combat pass The International goes to the prize Fund, which currently continues to grow and another month fans will be able to condense it.

This is an unconditional victory of Dota 2 on Fortnite as part of the “numbers”. But, in fairness, it should be noted that Epic sponsored tournaments Fortnite 2019, the year 100 000 000 $, which is the largest investment in eSports component of a single game for the year.

It should be noted that the prize Fund Fortnite is not updated by fans — a huge amount of fully sponsoring Epic Games.

The International will begin on August 15 in Shanghai — the matches will be played early in the morning. But the World Cup Fortnite kicks off July 26 and will be held all weekend.

You will, incidentally, to watch the World Cup or The International? Or do you prefer some other discipline?

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