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Instrument Tidy)) - Toyota Altezza, 2.0 l., 2003

There are 2 devices in altezza, the presence of which immediately makes it special, both for the owner and for other owners of "stock" (I mean, not drift writhing cars of Zhenya Shick-a or Zhenya Ma3kC-a) Altezz))
This is the Armrest)) )
and Tidying up from Restaylovoy PC-ki on the Stirrer))))
If the first one is hard to find because you can find his dick, then the second thing is just expensive)))
So I was lucky to snatch myself a tidy, from probably the freshest altezzka in Russia, with mileage only 35 thousand)) for which many thanks to Zhenya aka Zheka, by the way he has DR today))

Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003
Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003
Satisfied like an elephant)))
Now, from the plans only to change the backlight to LED)))) I will not disassemble the central part, I will just make a signet with LEDs, and carefully glue it there), I will also put a matrix of LEDs under the screen))
In general, I practically completed the tidy as and wanted to initially))) first made a simple scheme
Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003
I soldered the LEDs from the tape)))
Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003
and this is how the screen in the drain was highlighted)))
Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003
I made my own schematic, now it shines about the same current with white colors)))
in the end it turned out like this
Instrument Tidy - Toyota Altezza 20 l 2003

Price tag: 12 000 ₽ Mileage: 35 700 km
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Thompson666 15.01.21

Can't you tell me if such a device is suitable for dorestyle or are there different chips?)

Thompson666 15.01.21

Clearly, the main thing is that all functions work) Restyling is the most successful tidy, I like it just because of the screen, there is no such thing on the turbojet engine and the Modelist (

Lirik-161 15.01.21

In general, it will work, but there may be troubles with backlighting (on pre-styled machines, it seems that there was no possibility of adjusting the backlight, and if you plug it in, then everything will work, but the backlight can either always burn brightly, or always dim ... the
point is, when I don't have backlighting the speed screen is on brightly, the rest is off
when the backlight is on, the tidy backlight comes on and the screen dims to the level of other devices
Just on the dorestyle I can't tell how it will be, but it is the screen itself and the devices that will work, this is EXACT

Walerich 15.01.21

And the mileage is remembered by the tidy? Those. do you have 35 thousand mileage now?)))

Lirik-161 15.01.21

The mileage remains along with the tidy all her adult life)))
In general, I had 85 mileage, but now the bill went from 35 thousand))

Neon61 15.01.21

looks bombastic! appreciated! yes your old LED tidy is not bad too! I would even say super-duper!

Lirik-161 15.01.21

Thank you))) she is really cool and rare)) I always dreamed that there was such a thing on ALtezzka))

GLYMA 15.01.21

Yeah. cool!

Hobot 15.01.21

In the sense of being digital?

Lirik-161 15.01.21

Aha)) there would still be a small screen instead of the speedometer on the left, and in general there would be space))

Hobot 15.01.21

The tidy is just super!

Lirik-161 15.01.21

No, to display the parameters of the machine through the ODB2 protocol)) I think I can do it through the Kline adapter))

Dimonbrest 15.01.21

did you change the filter to another? to shine blue?