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ICE (call number 2 from service) - Toyota Will VS, 1.8 liter, 2001

Calls from the service continue and with each call the breakdown is more and more and the price is correspondingly higher ...
After the last call, they said that the earbuds were wrapped and everything fell apart, now they are asking for 40 thousand ... I think this is a divorce

Price tag: 40,000 ₽ Mileage: 104,500 km
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Katerina41rus 15.01.21

I have 2 zz ((

corollaz 15.01.21

this is 1zz it is real (((well, for 40 you can buy a contract!

Katerina41rus 15.01.21

Well, I'm storming the Internet in search of a contract

Natalyb4 15.01.21

if everything is really so, can it really be easier to deliver a contract?

Katerina41rus 15.01.21

now I'm looking for a contract where it is cheaper


40 is a lot, you can take a contract cheaper! And the Russians do not know how to make capital for the Japanese! Give up and take the engine!

ankind 15.01.21

Yes, the papados: ((((
Okay, your recovery-recovery as soon as possible) do not worry, all this is being done, it will be even worse than before :)
And in general, did you often see the engine roll?

Katerina41rus 15.01.21

Well, now everything is postponed until autumn, tk. I will fly to Petropavlovsk soon, I’ll just look.
And the fact that they decided to weld it is all clear, the Toyota dealership gives out a third cheaper ... they said that replacing a new one (only work) would cost about 30 thousand in Toyota -the center said 10-15 with all the e-liquids and consumables
When I asked them why the inserts had turned off ... they did not answer me (although I myself know perfectly why), in general, now they are asking me 15 thousand for simply disassembling the engine ( but they did not reveal the cause of the breakdown) ... they did not tell me anything about the price, when I put the car, I will take it away on a tow truck with a disassembled head, although I came to them on my own ... in general, everything is very bad (((

ankind 15.01.21

You will not find a new capacity for 40 thousand in good condition ...
40 thousand for repairs, go to another service, the guys obviously decided to weld!

Katerina41rus 15.01.21

Tell me ... where to look

CSmoke 15.01.21

You can take a contract dvuzezetka for 35-40 ... after the capital, the engine will still not be better than a contract one ... so take a contract one and hand over yours for spare parts ... at least something will be removed

CSmoke 15.01.21

Talk to smalltoyota.ru with yudzin