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Rides like a tank (- Toyota Corolla, 1.6 L, 1992

I am thinking the other day to cut off the catalyst and replace it with a flame arrester, as well as embed a new lambda probe, the car accelerates very badly (the pedal starts to sound incomprehensible to the floor) and eats a lot of gasoline (according to the most humble estimates, from 15 liters)
Then another occasion happened this week , the welded seam burst at the junction of the intake pipe and the corrugation, went to weld in the macaw service, welded it ... but welded a little at the wrong angle, and now the joint of the collector and the intake pipe is oblique ! Was bought sealant for glushakov and the junction is abundantly missed, well, actually for a week of this sealing is enough)
In general, one of these days I will go to a normal release service ... amen!

Price tag: 5 000 ₽
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