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Battlefield 2042: For Those Who Have Not Decided to Cancel Pre-Order or Not

A post from redita was brought in, slightly corrected the translation, but mb overlooked it somewhere. Note that everything that is written here does not concern bugs, but only the very CORE elements of the game, the topic of weapons that do not fall into people is not even touched upon.

Key Features

No single story

No standard server browser

Fewer standardized game modes, only 2 (Can't even play TDM or smaller modes without relying on community servers. Right?)

Fewer cards in the base game than in any other game (even including the portal, the number of cards is only 13, without the portal - 7)

No permanent lobbies - 1 game and you are in the main menu (seriously, why should I look for players after EACH round?)

Fewer in-game tasks (except for cosmetic discoveries)

No class system

Less customization options (than BF5)

There is no progress / profile statistics page in the menu

No battle log / stats tracking for other players

No global leaderboards

End of Round Quest Progress Screen

No tokens (I guess they still exist?)

No custom emblems

Less achievements

No medals

No progressive crescendo of dramatic music towards the end of the match (obviously the most egregious on the list) Instead of music, we have scary shit ambient

Less destruction (only a small handful of script destructible buildings on each map, I'm not even sure if they can be completely razed to the ground)

There is no card that changes left-handedness (there seems to be, but the cards are so big, anything that changes doesn't really affect the way you play)

The lack of an in-game profile screen (BF 4, HL, 1 and V were linked by menus, if you had them digitally, that's a great feature).

Without spectator mode

No permanent community servers (would be useful for clans and events)

Infantry gameplay

Fewer guns (even including all portal guns, the BF4 still had more at launch)

Less infantry gadgets

No manual tilt left-right

No diving while swimming

No jumping over high walls (if the wall is slightly higher than your jump, you will not climb over it)

No sprint squat

You can't crawl backwards

No knockback from explosions

No rolling after falling from a height

Can't take ammo or health from teammates (unless they drop it themselves)

No calibration / zeroing of sight

No thermal optics

No indirect fire devices

Fewer anti-tank grenade launchers (ONE PIECE?)

No latching launchers (M5 works with SOFLAM but requires 2 people)

No antipersonnel mines / claymores

No static firing points

No fortification

No restocking stations

No suppression mechanic (I don't mind, but I include everything)


Fewer vehicle types (and separate vehicle development for each faction, although they are functionally identical ... why ???)

No naval vehicles (except, technically, hovercraft, I suppose)

No direction indicator for gunner

Can't lock onto a specified target

No animation of entering / exiting vehicles

The lack of a tank turret junction (it was so great in BF4!)

Less customization options for the driver / pilot of the vehicle

No tank zoom settings

There is no possibility of customizing the tank gunner.

No secondary weaponry on a helicopter without a gunner

No separate helicopter / fixed wing controls

No control signals when you look back / look in the airplane (BF1 and V pilots, you guys this will just suck)

Points system

No bonus for killing the entire squad

No bonus for damage to player

No vehicle damage bonus

No bonus for helping destroy a vehicle

No bonus for headshot

No bonus for long range kill

No help counts as a kill bonus (unless you've dealt 90% damage)

No bonuses for playing on objects in the squad

Simplified scoring in team play (i.e. healing a teammate always gives you + 5xp)

Detachment and teamwork

No commander

No possibility to call a special squad

No squad upgrades in battle

No in-game VOIP

Fewer fractions (almost nothing distinguishes 2 fractions)

No cross-team chat

There is no "create a new squad" option

No option to "promote to squad leader"

No clans

On the spawn screen, squadmates are not visible (you always look only at the map from above and choose a spawn point, there is no camera from the player's face)

There is no Medic in progress indicator when off.

No rank names / icons, just a number.

User interface and quality of life

Less customization control

Fewer user interface customization options

No HUD / icon opacity setting

No HUD scaling options

There are no reticle customization options.

No network performance graph

No individual player scoreboard

Less detail on the Who Killed You screen

No support for ultra-wide monitors

Very bad system for friends who want to start playing

No reconnects to the game / you cannot enter the game to a friend

No AIMASSIST'A on consoles

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