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Stimfall 10.11.19 11:28 pm

Not done the race? (Need for Speed: Heat)

Why are some races I rode and finished them in the first place and re-appear beside them, a yellow exclamation mark is lit. Pereprohozhu exclamation mark does not disappear. What to do then?
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BO3DYXXXXX 10.11.19

This means that race is available for two different machine configurations in terms of performance, well, for a variant with a more powerful engine give more experience and money. switch and see what level of machine is required on 4 or 6 on numpad

Stimfall 10.11.19

I know that you can toggle) I thought to pass and exclamation marks will not yellow you to burn) thank you for the info)

ArtemHeat77 22.06.20

He used two cars for two races
145 and rivers. 120
And 315 and rivers. 240
It still burns
What to do ?

ArtemHeat77 22.06.20


andreyka mak 22.06.20

Takai garbage

dilat 22.06.20

Andrey mak
It's probably just a notification to players that, say, attention - there is no single race option

Alex18623 22.06.20

Some kind of crap. How many did not pass the wax. sign still lit!

SonyK_2 22.06.20

Alex18623 wrote:
...How many do not pass the wax. sign still lit!
Some races exclamation icons are not lost to them it was possible to re-earn experience to raise the level - if after the 1st pass all the available races don't have enough points. Even after receiving 50-th level can burn.

romeo_hj 13.07.20

The engine changed from him? or at the drain? I have the entire game on the Corvette 340. 100 3-3.5
....and another son bought a garage full of useless cars.....

SonyK_2 13.07.20

romeo_hj wrote:
The engine changed it?...
When talking about Koenigsegg (on the video under the spoiler) - I don't think (do not remember exactly). Fully all the details to the absolute is not pumped - it got to the 50 level and gave up.
In the video, this time from 16:30
In the game there are engines better than absolute?
...son bought a garage full of useless cars...
If game currency is not much more to spend, why not? - he also bought all, problems with money was not... ;)

romeo_hj 13.07.20

You need to buy it.

Son just started pageportal. But a flock of blue friends for the evening, decided this question )