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Ramzi Ruziev 29.05.23 03:00 pm

The bug in the taiga chapter;

In the church, after wounding the bear, I went up to the top of the church and turned on the generator. In theory, after that at the exit should meet me Olya, but it does not happen. Please advise what to do in this situation and how to avoid restarting the chapter, because the game is stuffy, and then re-try this konitel...


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Egor179 29.05.23

Welcome to the subway's crooked open-world gameplay

Nell_0071 29.05.23

Try reloading the save. In general, this game has a lot of bugs... The hands of the developers are crooked, unfortunately. After a while, while the game was supported, they also crookedly made NG+, like the preservation does not work to the end!

Ramzi Ruziev 29.05.23

Brother, I went to the main menu, and from the game, wandered around the location in the hope that the postponement, but all in vain(((

Nell_0071 29.05.23

Download someone else's saves, maybe that's how you'll get through. Are you playing regular or Enhanced?

Guest 18.01.24

ow, what an engaging read! I thoroughly enjoyed the taiga chapter, and the storytelling is truly captivating. The author's ability to transport readers to such a unique and enchanting setting is commendable. For those who are eager to dive into this wonderful tale but might need a little help with translation, I recommend checking out.