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Wild Uzhs 25.11.21 01:17 am

Opening chests in the game (Gothic)

which key to open the locks on the chests
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MunchkiN 616 25.11.21

arrows on the keyboard,
for example, right to left (or after each such move I still don't remember exactly pressing forward)
each chest has its own sequence of pressing left-right from 2 4 and more likely until it opens

Stanislav_Batkovich 25.11.21

We twist left and right. Differently. If we hear a characteristic click, it means that the mechanism has been turned correctly. There will be several such "left" and "right" ones on one lock.

Kyubi 25.11.21

Arrows, chests differ in the complexity of the lock from 4 to 12 characters, if the direction is not chosen correctly, the master key breaks, I recommend that you save it in front of each locked chest and have a piece of paper and a pen with you to record the sequence of button presses.

Playshner 25.11.21

Exactly ... then you can go through and hack the whole game with one master key ...))))

AT_Sagor 25.11.21

Eh ... good old hardcore - not any tips or mini-games for you, but just a combination and test of your own memory and luck.

Emris_ua 25.11.21

After a couple of dozen playthroughs, I automatically correctly open every chest in the game with a lockpick (no prompts). I replayed the game a certain number of times - with great pleasure !!!

Playshner 25.11.21

the revived hitler
Hail your pleasure in completing the game ... But let me ask you - do you have a phenomenal memory ...?

Emris_ua 25.11.21

Playshner Was
surprised himself !!!