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Moonstorm 26.12.21 11:40 pm

Is it possible to enlarge the mini-map (The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind)

Is it possible to enlarge the mini map in the lower right corner. I put wide 1920 - 1080 and the card now has nothing to do with a small square.
Can change some parameter in Morrowind.ini.
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MunchkiN 616 26.12.21

you can pull it out on the screen as in the inventory and stretch it as you like. but the icons will still remain small there.

Moonstorm 26.12.21

Has been in the inventory it does not work, it does not react.

Moonstorm 26.12.21

Is there another way to enlarge the mini - map ???
Someone knows. Help.

Pecos_Bill 26.12.21

Maybe some mod is on the map, but not a fact

Moonstorm 26.12.21

Not found mod. There are no mods on the card.

Darkman1701 26.12.21

there you can pull out all the menus on the screen for this you need to press the rectangle in the menu itself on the desired icon in the corner and the menu will hang in the game itself